Waterfilter cartridge IFP Puro by CARBONIT®

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  • Die IFP Puro Filterpatrone passt in unsere Auftisch-Filtergeräte, die Untertisch-Filtergeräte der Pure-Serie sowie in den Vario HP von Carbonit. Diese Patrone ist auch kompatibel zu allen Alvito Wasserfilter Systemen.

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    This cartridge combines two technologies for high water flow in special applications (medical... mere
    Produktinformation "Waterfilter cartridge IFP Puro by CARBONIT®"

    This cartridge combines two technologies for high water flow in special applications (medical technology, water machines) and convenient operation with downstream technical equipment or turbulizers. Hospital hygienists document that in water proven legionella, pseudomonads and fungi (eg Aspergillus) can be a transmission source for humans. Scientific research by the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health of the University of Bonn shows that these burdens can occur not only in the hospital, but also in the home environment. Here, of course, primarily immune-compromised persons are at risk. Terminal filters can provide protection. 

    The capillary membrane of IFP Puro (also called hollow fiber membrane) consists of polyethersulfone.
    1. CARBONIT Monoblock® - baked block filter made in the sintering process, awarded several times and scientifically recognized. (Not to be confused with loose granulated or extruded blocks).
    2. Sterile (bacteria-free) water by Carbonit monoblock IFP Puro (Dual Stage Pro) with microfiltration membrane of 0.15 µm absolute (STER-O-TAP with log 8 reduction).

    Technical specifications:
    Recommended filter change every 6 months. Filtration capacity of about 5,000 liters. 
    Filter fineness: 1 µm
    Temperature: For technical reasons, the use is only allowed for cold water, protect against frost. 

    Standardized 9 3/4 "element with flat gaskets and integrated O-ring (SOE). Especially suitable for low water pressure.
    Internationally patented filter composition. For filtration of bacteria and organic substances. Meets ANSI / NSF Standard 53 (cyst & turbidity reduction) and EPA Standard. Also the epdwa guidelines for a filter fineness of at least 1 micron (1 µm) nominal and a recommended filter change every 6 months are kept. Everything for your safety! 

    This IFP Puro filter cartridge fits to our table-top filter units, the under-table filter units of the Pure series as well as the Vario HP from Carbonit. This cartridge is also compatible with all Alvito water filter systems.

    Use only with cold water. Protect from frost.

    Einsatzdauer max.: 6 Monate
    Material: gesinterte Aktivkohle
    Filtrationskapazität max. l (DIN 1988): 5000
    Filterfeinheit: 0.15
    Durchfluss: 6-8 l/min
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    Filterfeinheit: 0,15 μm (Kapillarmembran Ster-O-Tap®) / 5 μm (Aktivkohle)... mere
    Technical details "Waterfilter cartridge IFP Puro by CARBONIT®"

    Filterfeinheit: 0,15 μm (Kapillarmembran Ster-O-Tap®) / 5 μm (Aktivkohle)
    Durchfluss: ca. 6-8 Liter pro Minute (abhängig vom Wasserdruck)
    Maße: Länge 9 3/4“, da = 70 mm
    Temperatur: Einsatz nur bei Kaltwasser, vor Frost schützen.

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