Control head Clack WS1 CI IA

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  • Clack Steuerkopf der neuesten Generation. Er besitzt ein Farbdisplay für das bessere Erkennen von Betriebszuständen und eine mehrsprachige (D, EN, ES, Fr, Pl) Menüführung. Der Steuerkopf ist sehr wartungsarm und extrem wartungsfreundlich!

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    Clack control head of the latest generation , specially tailored to the European market. It has... mere
    Produktinformation "Control head Clack WS1 CI IA"

    Clack control head of the latest generation, specially tailored to the European market. It has a color display for better recognition of operating states and a multilingual (D, EN, ES, Fr, Pl) menu navigation. The control head is very low-maintenance and extremely easy to maintain!

    You can use it to control water softening systems and also water treatment systems for iron removal, demanganization, denitration and many others.

    Changing seals and pistons (maintenance kit) is extremely easy and, with a little practice, takes less than a minute.

    For us it is the number one control head on the market!

    Scope of delivery

    • 1x control valve CLACK WS 1 CI
    • 1x 12 V power supply
    • 1x 1 “BSPT connection piece AG
    • 1x upper resin catcher
    • 1x instruction manual

    Regeneration types & functionality of the control valve Clack WS 1 CI IA

    Delayed volume controlled regeneration
    The soft water consumption is measured by the integrated water meter. When the preset volume of soft water flow is reached, the device does not regenerate immediately, but only at night at 02:00 (freely selectable).

    Immediate volume-controlled regeneration
    The system starts regeneration immediately when the amount of softened water reaches zero.

    Time-controlled regeneration
    The system initiates regeneration when the number of days between two regenerations and the preprogrammed time have been reached. With the temporal forced regeneration, the number of days programmed between two regenerations is determined.

    In addition to one of the three regeneration types, a forced regeneration (manual) is normally also set. This setting is a kind of safety regeneration that only takes place if, for example, no regeneration has been carried out by the quantity control. This is necessary if you are absent for a longer period of time (vacation). A germ build-up is counteracted with the forced regeneration.

    The control valve CLACK WS 1 CI IA is programmed at the factory for "Delayed volume-controlled regeneration".

    Up to nine regeneration cycles can be selected. Here are the most common ones:

    • Backwash

    • Salting and slow rinsing

    • Quick rinse

    • Fill the brine tank

    With the freely selectable cycles, for example, a double flushing process can be set, which then promises greater efficiency.

    Flow rate
    With the Clack control head, depending on the filter material or resin, you get a short-term maximum flow rate of up to 6.0 m3 / h. The backwash performance is identical.


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    Technical details "Control head Clack WS1 CI IA"
    Flow rate at 1 bar delta: 6 m3 / h P backwashing at 1.5 bar dP: 6 m3 / h for tank size... mere
    Technical details "Control head Clack WS1 CI IA"

    Flow rate at 1 bar delta: 6 m3 / h
    P backwashing at 1.5 bar dP: 6 m3 / h
    for tank size softening: 6 "- 22"
    for tank size filtration: 6 "- 22"
    Cycles: up to 9
    Regeneration: cocurrent countercurrent
    Material: Noryl®
    Operating pressure: 1.4 - 8.6 bar
    Temperature range: 5 ° C - 45 ° C
    Water meter range: 0.06-6 m3 / h
    Totalizer: yes
    Input / output: 1 "
    Distribution pipe diameter: 1.05 “outside
    Waste water outlet: ¾ “standard
    Brine inlet: 3/8 “; Poly tube
    Fitting - connections: ¾ “-1.5“ sweat; ¾ “-1.5“ Solv.
    Tank connection: 2-1 / 2 “- 8 NPSM
    Total height: 190 mm
    Weight: 2,1kg
    Electrical connection: 230 V / 50Hz
    Transformer: 12 V AC / 500 mA

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