Sediment filter Pentek 25-1my / 10 inches

Sedimentfilter Pentek 25-1my / 10 Zoll
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Pentek ™ 2-stage sediment filter for 10 inches domestic water and well water filtration... mere
Produktinformation "Sediment filter Pentek 25-1my / 10 inches"

Pentek ™ 2-stage sediment filter for 10 inches domestic water and well water filtration systems  

The sediment filter cartridge ensures optimal prefiltering since filtering takes place in stages. The location is in the entrance area or alternatively directly behind the water pump of your own well. The water is freed from suspended matter such as rust etc. In the outer layer, which is approx. 5 cm thick, all substances larger than 25 µm are first stopped, in the inner layer there is an additional approx. 5 cm thick filter fleece with a filter density of 1 µm. As a result, the filter can not clog so quickly compared to conventional sediment filters.  

Subsequent activated carbon cartridges are well protected by the second filter fleece with 1µm and the service life of the main filter cartridge can be extended by this.  

Filter fineness: outside 25 µm, inside 1 µm
Flow: 40 liters per minute at 4 bar pressure
Temperature: Use only with cold water up to 30 ° C, protect against frost
Dimensions: H 10 "(10 inches) 25.4 cm W 12 cm
Filter material: blown polyester, food grade, NSF® certified
Manufacturer: PENTEK / PENTAIR ™ USA

Ideal for use in our Aqua Fidelo 10 inches filter units.

Filtrationskapazität max. l (DIN 1988): 120000
Filterfeinheit: 1.0
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