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Aqua Avanti Osmo EM with EM Ceramics (Reverse Osmosis for households)

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  • AquaAvanti Umkerosmoseanlage mit Spezial-Keramik für hervoragenden Wassergeschmack :-) Egal welche störenden oder gefährlichen Stoffe aus Ihren Wasserleitungen kommen, Ihr Aqua Avanti reduziert nahezu alle im Wasser enthaltenen Stoffe über mehrere Filtrationsstufen hinweg auf ein Niveau, auf dem sie nicht mehr stören und das Wasser absolut unbedenklich zu trinken ist.

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    AquaAvanti Osmo Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System designed and assembled in Germany... more
    Product information "Aqua Avanti Osmo EM with EM Ceramics (Reverse Osmosis for households)"

    AquaAvanti Osmo Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System designed and assembled in Germany

    Excellent water for your well-being :-)

    We need about three liters of drinking water per person per day. Many households drink bottled water, because they do not like the taste of tap water. This is an expensive, inconvenient and ecologically questionable solution. However, almost every household has tap water, which is ideal as a raw material for further processing. The AquaAvanti Osmo Reverse Osmosis System will provide you with the daily amount of very clean and tasting water you need from your regular tap water network, saving you a lot of money and protecting the environment within a year.

    In addition, you will get your "Airbag in the kitchen" with the AquaAvanti Osmo RO System. No matter what harmful or dangerous substances come out of your water pipes, your AquaAvanti Osmo reduces almost all substances contained in the water over several filtration stages to a level where they are no longer bothersome and the water is absolutely harmless to drink.

    The process of reverse osmosis has been proven for decades and is even used to desalinate seawater. With its patented and hydraulically driven permeation pump, the AquaAvanti Osmo device saves a lot of water compared to conventional reverse osmosis units and at the same time consumes no electricity.

    Use for everyday enjoyment and ideal for:


    •     Prepare food and drinks
    •     For the production of unspoiled baby food
    •     Relief of dialysis patients
    •     To protect your high quality home appliances such as kettles, coffee makers, espresso machines, etc.
    •     For skin and facial care
    •     No visible water marks on cleaned surfaces like glass, mirrors etc.

    What characterizes the AA Osmo reverse osmosis system?

    •     Production of the purest, highest quality, light (demineralized) and fresh drinking water through three filters, a membrane and the patented permeate pump
    •     Daily production up to 85l (tank volume 12 liters)
    •     Better and fresher taste of the water by incorporation of a special ceramic in the filter
    •     Only high quality components, developed and assembled in Germany

    Filter tap water with Aqua Avanti Osmo

    Its tap water passes through the pre-filter stages and the hydraulic shut-off valve into the reverse osmosis module. The purified water penetrates the membrane.
    From the membrane, the purified water flows into the pumping chamber of the permeate pump. The system's waste water drives the pump, which delivers the purified water to the pressure tank. The permeate pump is a patented invention that improves the performance and efficiency of the plant. The pure water is ready for removal in the pressure tank.
    A hydraulic shut-off valve controls the water supply of the system. If you open the faucet of the system, the water flows through the post filter before you can enjoy it fresh. The system works without electricity only with the energy of the water pressure.

    Flow chart Aqua Avanti Osmo

    Flowchart Reverse Osmosis System AquaAvanti Osmo

    Tap water may have a maximum of 2000 microsiemens. This corresponds to 1280 mg / l of dissolved substances. Reverse Osmosis works like a very fine sieve. This "sieve" filters ions in the molecular range. It also makes the control of effectiveness so easy. Since even single atoms such as dissolved heavy metals or small ions such as sodium and nitrate are reduced, the pure water of the "Aqua Avanti Osmo" reverse osmosis system has a very low conductivity. The conductivity of the water is below 80 microsiemens when the "Aqua Avanti Osmo" produces water in high purity.

    Advantages of the patented permeate pump


    •     Clean and pure water at home every time
    •     Save money!
    •      Your "airbag" for the kitchen
    •     Never carry heavy water boxes
    •     Development and installation of the device in Germany with competent support!
    •     Version with sediment pre-filter and activated carbon pre-filter to protect the high-quality reverse osmosis membrane.
    •     Activated carbon post-filter for best taste
    •     No loss of efficiency compared to systems without permeate pump
    •     Faster production of water
    •     No electrical connection necessary
    •     No power consumption
    •     The hydraulic energy of the water is used to separate the wastewater (concentrate) and to transport the filter water (permeate) into the storage tank
    •     ratio 1: 3 (permeate to concentrate); for cheap equipment up to 1:15
    •     Made in Germany

    Membrane and filter

    Easy change of filters (every 6-12 months) and the membrane (up to 36 months) with bayonet lock. There is no tool necessary!

    Color coding of the filters and membranes prevents confusion during filter replacement.

    red = pre-filter  yellow = activated carbon pre-filter  green = reverse osmosis module (membrane)  blue = activated carbon secondary filter


    AquaAvanti Osmo Installation example    little need for space

    Environmental conditions

    •      Inlet water temperature 2-36 ° degrees Celsius
    •      The system should be operated with a pressure of at least 3 -6 bar. At less pressure, the filter performance decreases sharply, the quality suffers and you get hardly any water in the tank.

    If the line pressure is often below 3 bar, we recommend devices with booster pump. The very energy-saving pumps now have a good life and supply the reverse osmosis membrane with 7 bar pressure.

    Scope of delivery: Reverse osmosis system with membrane, filter cartridges, stainless steel tank and stainless steel design faucet - mounting accessories
    Weight: approx. 10.25kg incl. Packaging
    Size of the packaging: 48x18x32cm

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    Technical details "Aqua Avanti Osmo EM with EM Ceramics (Reverse Osmosis for households)"
    Durchfluss: 3-4 l/min abhängig vom Wasserdruck (daher auch mit einen Wasserverwirbler... more
    Technical details "Aqua Avanti Osmo EM with EM Ceramics (Reverse Osmosis for households)"

    Durchfluss: 3-4 l/min abhängig vom Wasserdruck (daher auch mit einen Wasserverwirbler betreibbar)

    Gewicht: ca. 10,25kg inkl. Verpackung

    Größe der Verpackung: 48x18x32cm

    Tankgröße: 12 l (auf Wunsch ist auch ein 5-6 l Tank für ein bis zwei Presonenhaushalte lieferbar- 25€ Aufpreis)

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