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WatPass® KombiGo Manganese, iron, softening

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  • WatPass® KombiGo system - for various selectable performance requirements. The WatPass® KombiGo is a fully automatic system that is used when you want to treat the hardness, manganese and iron levels of your water. Menu navigation in German, English, French, Spanish & Polish!

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    Product information " WatPass ® KombiGo Manganese, Iron, Softening" The WatPass ®... more
    Product information "WatPass® KombiGo Manganese, iron, softening"

    Product information "WatPass® KombiGo Manganese, Iron, Softening"

    The WatPass® KombiGo removes manganese and iron from your well water and at the same time the water is softened.

    NEW - Clack control head with German menu and color display. The color modes of the display make it easier to check the operating status (blue = everything is OK). If there is an error (red = malfunction), you can see it at a glance. The German menu makes setting up the system a lot easier. Other menu languages ??are EN, FR, ES and Polish.

    The system is almost maintenance-free. All that is needed is to refill the additional container with salt every 3-4 months to regenerate the filter material. Its performance * is outstanding, it can filter up to 10.0 mg / l iron and 2.0 mg / l manganese from the water. In addition, the water is also softened. The installation of the system is very easy. The system is automatically regenerated in a quantity-controlled manner and the backwash water is disposed of through an outlet.

    The system consists of a GRP pressure bottle (size is adapted to the performance), which is filled with high-quality filter material, as well as a salt storage container that is required to regenerate the filter material. A quantity-controlled central control valve, of the type Clack WS 1 CI IA, is currently the ultimate in the field of control valves for such systems. An additional mounting block (bypass) that can be purchased is used for bridging, but is not absolutely necessary for operation, but highly recommended.

    How the special filter material works

    The system can filter iron and manganese from your well water in one pass and soften the water at the same time. The filter material is a combination of adsorbers and ion exchange resins. The substances retained in the filter bed are then removed from the device during the backwashing process. It is seldom found in this form.

    In order to be able to filter manganese and iron successfully, the WatPass KombiGo needs a pH value of at least 5.5 and max. 9.0. Normally, the pH value for the FE and Mn filtration must be significantly higher than with this innovative system.

    Areas of application: Well water, garden irrigation, laundries, industrial water use, koi and fish ponds and all areas where too high a manganese and iron content in the water causes problems

    The WatPass KombiGo is available in different versions depending on the performance requirements or the amount of well water to be treated (the color of the pressure bottle may differ in some versions). You can find this in the selection menu.

    Further information on dimensions and technical data can be found below in the download area.

    Depending on the spatial conditions and the equipment requirements, we recommend that you consider purchasing the following accessories:

    Connection set 1 inch depending on the system size

    2x armored hose 1 inch collar x 1 inch collar, L = 1,000 mm; 1x drainage hose, L = 2,000mm;
    1x hose clamp 1/2 inch; 4x seals; 1x overflow hose, L = 2,000mm

    Connection set 1 1/4 inches depending on the system size

    2x armored hose 1 1/4 inch collar x 1 1/4 inch collar, L = 1,000 mm; 1x drain hose,
    L = 2,000mm; 1x hose clamp 1/2 inch; 1x overflow hose; L = 2,000mm; 4x seals

    Mounting block 1 inch IT x 1 inch AG

    with intersection, bypass function, sampling tap

    Installation information for connection to public networks: If the KombiGo filter systems are to be used in the drinking water area, they must comply with the "Rules for drinking water installations" according to DIN 1988-200 in conjunction with DIN EN 1717: 2011-08. Then it is necessary to install a pipe separator to protect the public drinking water network. Necessary installation conditions: water connection, socket 230 V / 50 Hz, waste water connection, pressure reducer at> 6 bar

    Transport and costs: The article is delivered by a forwarding agent to avoid transport damage.

    * The specified filter performance are the maximum achievable values ??under precisely analyzed conditions. A water analysis and determination of what the water should be used for is a basic requirement for good advice and the selection of the right filter system. Well water can be subject to fluctuations in its composition due to various environmental influences. A regular analysis should therefore take place in order to be able to adapt the filter devices, e.g. B. the regeneration cycle is changed.

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