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WatPass® Kalk 40000 1,25" Zoll

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  • Innovation - Drinking water & well water softener with German menu & control head from Clack. The control head can be disassembled without tools and can be maintained by every homeowner himself. It represents the ultimate in control heads and is now available from us with German menu navigation and color display. You will not find this again so quickly! The conception as well as the assembly of the plants are accomplished here in Germany.


    • 2002
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    Innovation - drinking water softener for households up to 15- 30 persons (multi-family houses... more
    Product information "WatPass® Kalk 40000 1,25" Zoll"

    Innovation - drinking water softener for households up to 15- 30 persons (multi-family houses up to 9 parties), with German menu navigation (EN, FR, ES, PL also selectable), color display for faster recognition of the operating states and control head from the house Clack 1.25" for particularly high flow rates (max. 7.5m³/h).

    The WatPass® softeners are a real innovation. They work according to the ion exchange process. This process is the most established, for water softening.

    Our plants are available in 2 versions:

    1. standard salting for normal households.

    Best sensory result and sufficient softening for the whole household. The WatPass® lime is particularly energy-saving! Through salting the regenerating salt is used optimally. If you use the system for technical applications, please consider the following values when blending.  You will get a perfect rinsing result for glasses at values of < 150 µS/cm and for cutlery the system should be set to < 80 µS/cm.

    Your advantages:

    - no calcified heating elements & spray nozzles

    - better energy utilization of the equipment

    2. swiss version

    For the operation in Switzerland the SVGW regulation has to be observed. Therefore the units for Switzerland are delivered with nylon protection stocking and silver resin part. Otherwise the equipment is designed like the standard version!

    Nylon protective stocking/ fine salt:

    Normally softening plants in Switzerland are run with fine salt instead of salt tablets. Softening plants that we deliver to Switzerland are therefore equipped with a nylon protective stocking, so that you can operate the softening plants with fine salt. Thereby a blocking of the salt in the plant is excluded.

    Silver resin content ( min 2% ):

    The ion exchange resin must contain a minimum of 2% silver resin.

    Regeneration with ion exchange resin - how does it work?

    When hard water is passed over the resin, the calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2+ / Mg2+) present in the water are exchanged for the sodium ions (Na+) present on the resin. The resin we use has a service life of over 20 years.

    Your advantages

    Softer water protects your installations, heating system, washing machines and small appliances such as kettles and coffee machines. Limescale deposits on your shower enclosure, washbasins, toilets, etc. are greatly reduced. You can save considerable amounts of detergent, soaps and shampoo and the water simply tastes better. Tea lovers, coffee drinkers and ambitious hobby cooks in particular will appreciate the results of softened water. Anyone who has used a water softener once will never want to do without it again.

    When does it make sense to use a water softener?

    In Table 6, DIN 1988-200 recommends hardness stabilization or softening above a hardness level of 2.5 mol/m³ ( 14 °dH) even for drinking water cold. In this process, the water is not fully softened for drinking water purposes, but is blended to a water hardness of approx. 6-7° dH, if technically possible, by means of the mounting block. If the water is even softer, it can become corrosive and thus poses a problem for the installations. In addition, it will not taste as good.

    Structure of the WatPass® lime softening plants

    The GFK pressure bottle (filled with ion exchange resin) with the extremely low maintenance Clack control valve with color display and German operation are the basis of the softening plant. A large salt container can be placed freely next to the plant. The system is of course quantity controlled. The innovative valve can be completely disassembled and maintained without tools.

    How long does one filling of salt last?

    Depending on the water hardness and your water consumption, one filling lasts about 3-4 months, then new salt must be refilled. The integrated safety float valve protects you from overflowing water.

    System size and technical information

    For households up to: 30 persons or 10 residential units

    Water softener Kalk 40000 with volume control

    -control valve: Clack WS 1,25 with color display and German menu navigation (quantity controlled)

    -capacity at 10°dH.: 40.000 ltr.

    -capacity at 15°dH.: 26.000 ltr.

    -capacity at 20°dH.: 20.000 ltr.

    -Pressure tank type: 14x65

    -Resin capacity: 100 ltr.

    -Salt consumption per regeneration approx.: 16,00 KG

    -regeneration time: approx. 90 min

    -Salt supply: 180 KG

    -Diameter: 366 mm

    -Weight: 140 Kg

    Installation conditions for all plant sizes:

    -Drinking or raw water connection

    -Socket 230 V / 50 Hz

    -waste water connection

    -pressure reducer at > 6 bar

    -house water filter at the inlet

    -connection thread: 1,25 inch

    -frost-free installation site

    For installations according to DVGW guidelines, a DVGW-certified pipe isolator is available for purchase, if desired (not required for own well).

    The installation will be delivered by forwarding agency. When ordering, please be sure to provide us with a telephone number where you can be reached upon delivery.

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