Filter Cartridge EM Premium 5 Carbonit & 2x Dora's Stainless Steel Vacuum bottle 0,5 l


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Product number: 1458
Manufacturer: Carbonit Filtertechnik GmbH
EAN: 4260728213793
Product information "Filter Cartridge EM Premium 5 Carbonit & 2x Dora's Stainless Steel Vacuum bottle 0,5 l"

Set of filter cartridges EM Premium 5, manufactured by Carbonit, and two Dora's stainless steel vacuum flasks with 500 ml filling contents.

Information about the product components:

Filter cartridge EM Premium 5

CARBONIT® filter cartridges combine water filtration and improved taste of the water. For the production, a special EM ceramic is added to the activated carbon filter in the process of sintering. Among other things, this ceramic reduces the surface tension of the water and reduces the size of the cluster structures. Thus, the taste of the water is described by most people as softer or rounder. Together with the proven filter performance of the CARBONIT® NFP Premium filter technology, the ideal water filtration results. Activated carbon has a large surface, which is used as an adsorbent in, among other things, in chemistry, medicine and water and wastewater treatment. It primarily removes unwanted colors, flavors and odors from gases, vapors and liquids. The sintered activated carbon block filter based on coconut focusses the chemical-physical removal of unwanted ingredients in drinking water. B. by the influences of the house installation.
Service life: The filter cartridge must be replaced after 6 months (according to DIN 1988). Basically, within the 6 months 10,000 liters of water may be filtered. An earlier change may, however, be necessary if the water flow is noticeably reduced. An early change is not a defect of the filter used, but an indication of increased occurrence of fine particles in unfiltered water.
Technical data: Filter fineness: approx. 0.45 µm
Temperature: Use only with cold water, protect against frost
Flow: approx. 2 liters per minute

Vacuum bootle

Dora's water bottles are the trend from Austria! Why a drinking bottle made of stainless steel? Because stainless steel does not contain harmful plasticizers, phthalates or BPA by nature. Stainless steel bottles can be reused. The bottles are sturdy and have a long life. The drinks stay warm or cold thanks to the double walls.

  •     At a filling temperature of 75 ° C, the drinks still have 50 ° C after 10 hours
  •     At a filling temperature of 8 ° C, the drinks still have 14 ° C after 10 hours

The manufacturer Doraplast produces sustainably, with the aim to combine the requirements of the economy with respect for the environment.