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Why should drinking water be filtered?

The quality of our drinking water is monitored very closely by the state water suppliers. However, the nearly 50 measured parameters (in Germany) and specified limits only regulate a fraction of the substances actually contained in the water. At the same time, sewage treatment plants lack the necessary treatment technology for wastewater and contamination of surface waters and groundwater reservoirs is steadily increasing. Read which substances can be found in drinking water and why it is advisable to take responsibility for your own drinking water quality.

Because our drinking water is often contaminated

Drinking water is the best controlled food in many countries. But the control and the defined limits are insufficient. So it happens that substances such as drug residues, hormones, chemicals, microplastics or other pollutants are in our drinking water, some of which are neither measured nor can be classified as problematic.

Especially drug residues (eg painkiller, contrast agents) are found again and again in drinking water. Just like hormones (e.g. birth control pills) or pesticide residues from agriculture, they can hardly be removed from the water suppliers. Already the clarification plants lacks the necessary plant technology in order to be able to react to the increasingly complex pollution of the water.

Avoiding bottled water, as many people do in good faith, is not an alternative, as mineral waters are often less controlled than drinking water. The safest variant is therefore the filtering of drinking water.

Because it is practical

Filtering drinking water means never having to think about the mineral water stock at home while shopping. There is always fresh, cool and clean water when you are thirsty or need pure water for cooking and preparing coffee or tea.
Not to mention towing the full and empty boxes or welded-in water packs! This falls away, and there is more space in the pantry, if there are no more water basins to store.

Moreover, it is reassuring to know that you no longer have to worry about the quality of "Food  No.1", which is drunk daily and in the largest amount.

The only thing to think about is the regular maintenance or the prescribed change of the filters. In the age of digital media and a set reminder by the mobile phone or just an entry in the calendar, but that is very easy to solve. We will also offer reminders via your customer account as an e-mail service shortly.

Because it saves money

One liter of drinking water from the line is cheaper than a liter of bottled water. That's clear. But is also a liter of filtered water is still cheaper than a liter of mineral water from the bottle?

According to “ German Union of table water manfacturers”, a nonprofit organization, the per capita consumption of mineral water was 148 liters in 2016. For a family of four, this is 592 liters, which, at an average price of 70 cents / liter, amount to 414,40 € per year.

Just to replace the need for mineral water with filtered tap water, it is possible to drink inexpensive water with a water filter in the kitchen in the first year. An example:

186,00 € - AA inline main filter stage "EM Premium 5"
+ € 59,90 - replacement cartridge after half a year
+ € 39,80 - Faucet for removing the filtered water
= 285,70

In the following year, only the two replacement cartridges are needed for € 119,80.

This calculation should only clarify that water filtration can also be economically significant and does not have solely qualitative reasons. Of course, we are aware that many of our facilities, e.g. for filtering the total domestic water such a calculation cannot withstand. However, these and other filtration systems have long-term monetary benefits that are not fully predictable - such as the protection of equipment, equipment and piping, or the protection of human health.

Because drinking good water is healthy

Even the simpler activated carbon filters filter a large part of pollutants, drug residues or hormones from the drinking water, which we would otherwise take over coffee, tea, cooked with water food and just drinking the tap water.

Especially infants, children, sick or old people benefit from the reprocessing of the drinking water, because their body's own regulatory mechanisms are less strained. The absorbed water can support the metabolic processes in the body more efficiently.

Tap water is also a real health alternative to table water because the quality of mineral waters is subject to far fewer controls.
Another shortcoming of mineral waters from plastic bottles are pollutants that can pass into the water during storage, accumulate in the body or unfold a hormone-like effect. If the already well-controlled "food drinking water" further purified by filtering, its quality for consumption is always safer.

Because it saves our environment

Drinking filtered tap water is active environmental protection. In particular, the purchase of disposable plastic bottles, PET bottles but also water in glass bottles pollute the environment:

  • Plastic waste pollutes rivers, lakes and seas for centuries
  • the production of plastic bottles costs energy and valuable as well as scarce crude oil
  • the recycling of PET and glass bottles costs Energy and
  • the entire process of logistics from the production of bottles to disposal and recycling costs energy, raw materials and CO2 in many places - especially when buying water that was previously transported across Europe.

Choosing to drink filtered rather than bottled water makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment and improving their personal environmental footprint.


The greatest safety on pure water has the one who filters his drinking water directly at the sampling point or directly at the entrance to the water pipe again. Nanoparticles, drug residues, hormones, chemicals, etc. can be effectively removed from the water. In addition to this safety and health aspect, it may even be better to switch from bottled water to filtered tap water. The protection of equipment, pipes and water-bearing systems in the house must also not be forgotten when questioning the costs and benefits of water filtration systems and systems. In addition, it is particularly environmentally friendly to dispense water from bottles.

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