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Test results and report Water Filter Cartridge NFP Premium by Carbonit

The filter cartridge NFP-Premium from Carbonit (activated carbon block filter) fulfills the highest filter performance, which has been confirmed many times. We have summarized the filter performance from various tests, surveys and investigations at this point. In addition to descriptive information you will find the original reports and tests for download. You will also find the certificates valid for the NFP Premium here.

Bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts

The University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Biology, investigated performance for the retention of selected organisms (viruses, bacteria, low fungi and eucaryotic parasites) of the NFP Premium. A total of 19 different organisms are used, which are listed in tabular form and briefly described. All were added to the water to be filtered and their concentration determined before and after filtration. Parasites were completely filtered, yeast and bacteria were 99.9%, and viruses (one species was examined in this case) could also be completely retained.
Test Uni Bielefeld for download: 12-pages pdf with description of research and different tables to display the test results (only in german).

Also by the University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Biology, a hygienic-microbiological examination (load test) of NFP Premium was carried out over half a year with two different bacterial species. The NFP Premium was charged with contaminated water for 14 months every 14 days. During the respective split times, normal tap water was passed through. The germs could not be detected in the filtered water over the entire trial period.
Test description Uni Bielefeld for download: 4-pages pdf with description of research and the measures of a 14 days period (only in german)

The hygiene institute of the Ruhr district in Gelsenkirchen, which has the filter capacity of the Carbonit Monoblock (such as NFP-Premium) for the retention performance of viruses and bacteria, also reaches a positive result.
Download Assessment Hygiene Institute: 
1-page pdf als as a summary assessment (only in german); Unfortunately, the detailed test results are not available in this case, which are referred to in the assessment.

Heavy Metals

The company Preussag Rohrsanierung from Langenhagen near Hannover uses carbonit monobloc filters to filter highly condensed water, which is produced after cleaning old gas pipes. The filters used by Preussag have a lower filter performance than the NFP Premium, but the purity of the filtered water shows very impressively that especially heavy metals are even completely retained by these coarser filters. These include arsenic, cadmium, lead, copper, nickel, mercury and zinc, which are contained in the raw water but are no longer detectable in the filtered water. Furthermore, PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) are retained to more than 99%.
Description & Download: 2-pages pdf; Letter from the company Preussag pipe rehabilitation (only in german)  To Carbonit, with information on the description of their activity, requirements for water filtration, filters used and their performance in relation to the problem of rehabilitation of old gas pipelines.

The reduction of lead in drinking water has been examined by TÜV Umwelt Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH. Background of the test are the more or less high lead concentrations in drinking water, if the drinking water system consists entirely or partially of lead pipes. The test results confirm a consistently good filtering of lead to concentration ranges below 10 μg / l, which are well below the limit value of the Drinking Water Ordinance of 40 μg / l.
Test results TÜV environment for download: 
5-pages pdf with test results (only in german) in graphic and tabular form (Lead concentration in water before and after filtration and degree of separation in%)

The reduction of copper - high copper concentrations in drinking water occur regularly in drinking water systems with copper pipes - was also examined by TÜV Umwelt Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH. The measurement results confirm the reduction of the copper concentration in the filtered water of up to 99% and a reliable separation with measured values below the limit value of the Drinking Water Ordinance. Drinking water that was heavily contaminated with copper could also be purified to a toxicologically safe level through the NFP Premium filter.
Investigation report TÜV Umwelt for download:
 4-pages pdf as extract with evaluation of the measurement results & summary (only in german).

Pesticides and other poisons

The University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, Department of Chemistry / Pharmaceutics investigated the filter performance of NFP Premium on atrazine, lindane, DDT, chloroform and free chlorine. The substances were individually tested in concentrations that exceed the limit value of the Drinking Water Ordinance by 50 to 100 times. All substances could be filtered at a flow rate of 10,000 liters of water to 99 to 99.9%.
Test of Hochschule Magdeburg for Download: 5-pages pdf with test description and results (only in german).

Also by the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg, Departments of Chemistry / Pharmaceutical & Water Management and Ecotechnology was demonstrated in an investigation to clean water on drinking water quality that the filter cartridge NFP Premium (registered trademark: Carbonit Monoblock®) is suitable, pesticides and halogenated hydrocarbons (these used in insecticides, accumulate in the adipose tissue of humans and animals, are highly toxic and carcinogenic) to remove from drinking water. This investigation also showed the significantly worse performance of bulk activated carbon compared to the sintered filter (special firing and manufacturing process of Carbonit Monoblock®).
Test summary of FH Magdeburg for download: 2-pages pdf as summary and description (only in german).

A test series with the filter cartridge IFP-Puro, in which the water first flows through the Carbonit Monoblock®, which is also used in the NFP Premium, and is then pressed through a membrane, a good retention of ozone in the water was found. Ozone added water was passed through the filter at different concentrations and time intervals. The filter performance was in each case better at high ozone concentrations, the longer the regeneration time of the filter was before the renewed feed. It can be deduced that the filter performance is at the level of the activated carbon block filter, because activated carbon has the property to regenerate, and the membrane in the IFP Puro has a smaller influence on the filtering of ozone. That's why we call the ozone retention test at this point.
Test for ozone retention at Magdeburg University of Applied Sciences: 6-pages pdf with experimental setup and measurement results (only in german) in batch mode (filtering in stages) and in continuous operation.

The TU Berlin has prepared an opinion on the removal of drug residues, steroid hormones and polar pesticide residues from spiked drinking water with Carbonit® water filters. The excerpt provided by the company Carbonit provides a brief overview of the filter performance compared to the tested materials.

Review of the TU Berlin: 4-page pdf with a tabular overview of the results

Comprehensive reports on the quality of NFP Premium

The company Carbonit commissioned the TÜV Rheinland / Berlin Brandenburg to assess the quality of all tests carried out so far with the filter cartridge NFP Premium and to make a statement as to whether the results can be transferred to the actual use of the filter cartridge. The TÜV judged e.g. microbiological investigations, investigations on residues of heavy metals, drug residues, hormones, pesticide residues and other substances toxic to humans.

The TÜV came to the conclusion that all tests carried out and the experimental methods used are suitable for reflecting the use of the NFP Premium under real conditions. Consequently, the measured values and results are also transferable to practice and valid for use in the home.
Test TÜV Download: 17-pages pdf the TÜV with assessment of each individual report and a summary (only in german).

On the basis of this opinion, this was also TÜV test certificate for the NFP Premium issued - 1-page pdf

Certificates Carbonit Monoblock as model NFP Premium

Approval card for the sign "Verified security according to German food law" - 1-page pdf


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