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Test & Certificate Lifesaver Liberty Outdoor Water Filter

The Lifesaver Liberty Travel & Outdoor Water Filters meet the highest filtration performance, confirmed by official labs. This has been proven by relevant test sufficient. Here are some brief information and the original certificate available for download.

With the LifeSaver® Liberty water filters, you can turn inedible tap water, and water from questionable sources, from rivers, lakes and ponds, into safe and tasty drinking water by filtering it. The innovative Lifesaver Liberty water filters are ideal for travel, hiking, backpacking, trekking or camping. Even in crisis areas and emergencies, where drinking water is not or only dirty on site, you always have the solution at hand.

NSF P 231 compliant

The LifeSaver® water filters are subject to the strictest controls. To ensure that filtration is effective and proven, an accredited laboratory has reviewed and certified the effectiveness of Liberty Outdoor Filters. The water filters have been tested in the USA and certified by an accredited laboratory. They comply with the requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation and have passed the NSF P231 protocol. This is the endurance test for water filters!

Bacteria, viruses, cysts

The LifeSaver® reliably protects you from the typical microbial stress that can be found in the water. Cysts (99.99%), bacteria (99.9999%) and viruses (99.9999%) are effectively filtered out of the water, according to the research. In addition, the optional and integrated activated carbon block ensures that bad odors and taste impairments are also filtered out.


The certificate can be found here in the download.

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