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From AquaKalko to Kalko Innova - Natural limescale protection through seed crystals

The German manufacturer Prime Inventions GmbH is changing the brand name Aqua Kalko for reasons of trademark law. The well-known AquaKalko brand products, which are established on the international market, are now available under the name Kalko Innova.

In the course of the next weeks all labels and packaging will be changed to the new brand name Kalko Innova. It may happen during the transition period, that you will still receive products from us, that contain the old brand name AquaKalko.

Natural limescale protection through seed crystals with the Kalko Innova system

This is how it works: The hardness builders in drinking water are bound to seed crystals, which are released into the water by friction of tiny Kalko Innova granulate beads. Lime can no longer be deposited in pipes and equipment or on surfaces, but remains in the water body.

The Kalko Innova granules are in the water body:

  •    in cartridges for house and well water or
  •    limescale protection at the tap for drinking and cooking water or
  •    in small bags for limescale protection in the washing machine or kettle.

The granules themselves consist of lime. It is completely natural and harmless for humans and the environment, because the water remains chemically unchanged.

Here you will find the well-known lime treatment products under the new brand name Kalko Innova.

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