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The German manufacturer Prime Inventions GmbH is changing the brand name Aqua Kalko for reasons of trademark law. The well-known AquaKalko brand products, which are established on the international market, are now available under the name Kalko Innova.
Lime-based or "hard water" makes work and can be expensive. Lime stains and deposits make cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom difficult. Over time, stubborn limescale forms in the dishwasher, in the washing machine, in the kettle, the coffee machine and invisible also in lines. If you do not descale regularly, household appliances often need to be replaced prematurely or expensive repairs are required. If the water is very hard, tea, coffee or water-based foods will not taste good either. Descaling the water or binding the lime naturally in the water therefore makes sense in many ways. We explain what options are available and what are the other benefits of soft water.