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The different water filters and water filter techniques

If you want to filter your drinking water, you have the choice between different filter techniques and systems. Which water filter is the right one for your own needs, that is, if you know your own demands on the purity of the filtered water and the installation options. Is it about reducing pollutants? Should the water be softened for the taste and protection of equipment and lines? Should a filter be connected at the point of water withdrawal or already at the house connection? Questions in which we want to help you. We will introduce you to our filtering techniques offered so that you can make the selection easier.

Table water filter & Under sink filtering

These filters are installed directly at the extraction point of the water in the kitchen. By selecting different available filters, particulate matter, hormones, bacteria, viruses, drug residues, heavy metals and chemicals (pesticides) can be retained.

The under-sink water filters are installed under the sink. At the cold water pipe, a branch is installed, which feeds the filter with water. From the filter, the water passes to a separate tap (eg our stainless steel design faucet), over which the filtered water is removed. Alternatively, the existing faucet can be replaced with a three-way faucet, with which unfiltered cold to hot water and also the filtered, cold water for drinking and cooking can be removed. The advantage of the three-way faucet at the under counter filters is that no second faucet has to be installed and accordingly no further hole has to be drilled through the countertop / sink.

➔ We offer under-sink water filters in two versions: The hygienic quick-change system with up to three filter stages of the "Aqua Avanti Inline series" or the conventional system of the "Aqua Avanti Pure series" with one, two or three-stage filter housings and replacement filters, which are to be "wet"-changed. 

If there is little space under the sink or if nothing is allowed to be changed in the existing installation (eg in rented apartments), table-top water filters are the right choice. They are connected to the existing faucet with a diverter valve. If the water is to be filtered, the small switching lever is turned over, the water flows through the filter and runs through a filter housing located on the outlet into a glass, the carafe or the pot. If the lever on the faucet is turned back, unfiltered water can be removed from the faucet.

➔ As a table-top water filter, we have the noble table filter Mercuro made of stainless steel or a chrome-plated table filter in the range, which can also be connected as a double filter.

House water filter systems

Domestic water filter systems are connected directly to the entrance of the water pipe into the house (behind the water clock), so that at each withdrawal point (kitchen, bathroom, utility room) filtered or treated water arrives. Not only the person, but also all lines, systems that are fed with water and of course all household appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, kettle or coffee machine benefit from the protective effect of the improved water quality. 
BUT: If you live in a house with very old pipes that are already causing problems (for example, old lead pipes), you will not be able to avoid the installation of a table or under counter water filter at the tap of drinking water. Only if the piping in your own house is in order, a domestic water filter system is the right choice for a comprehensive water treatment. 

Domestic water filter systems can work both single-stage and multi-stage and thus cover various and individual needs in water filtration

➔ An optional multi-level system is Aqua Fidelo House and Well Water Filtration. From one-stage up to four filtering stages can be connected in series. The possible filters for this domestic water filter system are sediment filters, activated carbon filters, that filter germs and pollutants, anti-scale filter (which binds the lime to crystals) and iron filters. By means of the individual AquaKalko limescale protection devices, the chemical-free limescale protection for the entire house can also be installed individually at the entrance to the water pipe.

➔ The LineGuard domestic water filter system, working with one stage, can filter large volumes of water and, in addition to the (multi-family) private household, is also frequently used in the health sector, in sports facilities, in restaurants or in industry. The filter system contains two alternately working membranes, which hold back bacteria, viruses and parasites, ie pathogens of any kind. Noteworthy in this context is the increasing frequency of legionella in public buildings. With the LineGuard a possible Legionella contamination can be prevented cost-effectively, because there is no need to refurbish the water pipes in the house. Since the filter rinses independently, the follow-up costs are extremely low.

➔ Our water softening systems are also installed at the domestic water connection and reduce the limescale content of the water to protect all pipes and appliances in the house. The descaling is carried out with the aid of an ion exchange resin, which is constantly regenerated by salt. The soft water, which also has a positive influence on the taste of drinks, can be cleaned eg from pollutants after leaving the water softener by using an under sink filter or tabel water filter in the kitchen.

Well water filtration systems

Suitable well water filter systems are all filter systems and systems for lime reduction or binding, which also apply to domestic water filter systems. 

A special filtration of iron and manganese, the content of which in particular can affect the quality of well water, is possible with the Oxydizer (coming soon), which can be selected for different water flow rates. In addition to iron and manganese, hydrogen sulfide is also removed at the same time, which would otherwise cause an unpleasant taste and smell of the water.

Reverse osmosis systems 

Reverse osmosis systems are a special form of water filtration and are usually installed at the tap of drinking water in the kitchen. The water is pressed through a very fine membrane through which only the small water molecules, but not suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, drug residues, chemicals and minerals fit. Lime is also removed during reverse osmosis and the water is softened.

On one side of the membrane, so the pure water for drinking and cooking, which is stored in a tank, and on the other hand collect the unwanted substances that are flushed into the wastewater regularly to clean the membrane again.

Our AquaAvanti Osmo reverse osmosis system differs a little from the standard systems because it runs without any power. A sediment filter and an activated carbon filter purify the water before it hits the fine reverse osmosis membrane in the third filter. After cleaning, the water is passed through yet another activated carbon filter for a further taste improvement which contains a special ceramic to improve the taste. The reverse osmosis water has a slightly acidic pH, because minerals are filtered out.

Outdoor and travel filters

Long hikes and physically strenuous expedition tours in the wild make the transport of drinking water unavoidable. However, those who know that water from ponds, lakes, streams or rivers will be available on the go can save on ballast and only carry their lightweight Grayl outdoor filter, which reliably filters particulate matter, protozoa, bacteria, viruses and most chemicals. Also for times and in areas where the drinking water supply is not guaranteed (crises or contamination of the drinking water by the water supplier), you should always have a "Grayl" on hand. 


The quality of the unfiltered tap water, the ability to install a water filter system either at the house connection or at the point of extraction and the own demands on the treated water play a role in the decision for the system and the required performance of the filter / filter in a water filtration system , If you have already decided on a system based on this article, you will find further decision-making aids in the individual product descriptions and in our filter options in the product categories. In addition, we are happy to help you personally: or by phone +49 (0) 5661 9223165 (Monday - Friday from 10:00 to 17:00).

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