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CARBONIT - world class water filter

In the industry activated carbon block filters have their firm place in the water treatment and water treatment. CARBONIT water filters are used in the food industry, pharmaceutical production and medical technology. Last but not least, the great success is due to its use in private households. The performance of the CARBONIT water filter is TÜV-tested and has been tested and proven by several institutes. In this article, you can get an overview of the performance based on the NFP Premium water filter.

Sintered instead of extruded

The natural product activated carbon is sintered by a unique and internationally patented process. As a result, the filters of CARBONIT differ from cheap imported products, which are usually produced inexpensively by the extrusion process. This has the consequence that the filtration performance decreases sharply and also the ability to bind pollutants such as heavy metals or pesticides suffers.

CARBONIT filters are characterized by an extremely high degree of safety. This applies to all filter types. To mention are the most important filter types NFP Premium, EM Premium, IFP Puro, EM Puro, IFP KDF etc ...
All processed raw materials are residue-controlled and LGA monitored. They comply with strict European standards. The used, complex technology ensures outstanding performance. CARBONIT water filters combine an exceptionally high filter fineness of up to 0.45 μm coupled with the extremely high adsorption effect of the activated carbon.

Filtering performance of the CARBONIT filter

Our tap water can contain many unwanted substances. The CARBONIT Monoblock water filters extract heavy metals such as copper and lead, chlorine, drug residues, pesticides, microorganisms, undissolved lime and rust particles and many other substances.

The performance of the CARBONIT water filter is TÜV-approved and has been verified by several institutes. The following table shows the performance of the CARBONIT standard filter "NFP Premium". Where "standard" here is not synonymous with "simple".


Filter performance


Blei 1)


TÜV Umwelt

Kupfer 1)


Chlor 1)


TU Berlin

Chloroform 1)


Lindan 1)


DDT 1)


Atrazin 1)


drug residues 1)

Clofibrinsäure, Carbamazepin, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Ketoprofen, Propihenazon


TU Berlin

Polar Pesticides 1)

Bentazon, 2,4 D, MCPA, p.p´-DDA Dichlorprop.,Mecoprop.



Escherichia coli 2), Enterococcus faecalis 2), Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus haemolyticus, Enterobacter cloacae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis


GFT / Uni Bielefeld


Entam. coli, Giardia Lamblia, Cryptosporodium parvum, Hymenolepis nana, Schistosoma mansoni, Ascaris suum


Fungi / yeasts

Candida albicans, Rhototorula mucilaginosa, Sacharomyces cerevisiae


Tabelle 1
1) Test with load over filter capacity of 10,000 liters of water
2) Test with a service life of 6 months

As Table 1 shows, there are a number of studies by renowned institutes demonstrating their effectiveness. With a CARBONIT filter a chemical-free removal of unwanted substances is ensured, since there are no additives of silver or other chemical disinfectants.

The good news is that important dissolved minerals in the filtered water are retained for the nutrition and taste of the water.

Why are there different filters from CARBONIT?

Sometimes there are just special requirements. So higher throughputs (IFP Puro, EM Puro) are desired or there are extreme heavy metal problems (IFP KDF) to solve.
Virus safety in combination with very high throughput performance can be guaranteed by the IFP Puro and the EM Puro. This results from the combination of a sintered activated carbon block and an ultrafine membrane, which is inserted into the activated carbon block.
If one wishes a fine energetic appreciation and a recognizable taste improvement of the water for many people, then one grasps best to the EM Premium 5 or the EM Puro.


CARBONIT activated carbon block filters are the world's best in terms of filtration capacity. A CARBONIT water filter makes it possible to secure fresh and clean water at virtually any extraction point. The water filters are manufactured in Germany under strict quality regulations. This secures jobs and optimizes the environmental balance.

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