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CARBONIT - world class water filter

In the industry activated carbon block filters have their firm place in the water treatment and post water treatment. CARBONIT water filters are used in the food industry, pharmaceutical production and medical technology. Last but not least, the great success is due to its use in private households. The performance of the CARBONIT water filter is TÜV-tested (German institution for product safetyness and function) and has been tested and proven by several institutes. In this article, you can get an overview of the performance based on the NFP Premium water filter.
If you want to filter your drinking water, you have the choice between different filter techniques and systems. Which water filter is the right one for your own needs, that is, if you know your own demands on the purity of the filtered water and the installation options. Is it about reducing pollutants? Should the water be softened for the taste and protection of equipment and lines? Should a filter be connected at the point of water withdrawal or already at the house connection? Questions in which we want to help you. We will introduce you to our filtering techniques offered so that you can make the selection easier.