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Questions and answers on the subject: Water filter technology

Is not a can filter sufficient to remove pollutants from drinking water? They are much cheaper.

Can filters are often used to remove lime from the water, less to reduce pollutants. Due to the design of such filters are usually equipped with beds of filter material. They are much easier to manufacture and their filtration capacity is not at the level of sintered activated carbon block filters. The safe removal of pollutants such as heavy metals, pesticides, hormones and nanoparticles is not possible with conventional can filters. The loose fillings of the filter material often cause the water always seeks the same way and create channels. The filter performance can alone by this, also tend the filter by your design and incorrect operation for contamination.
The result: The filters often have to be swapped, which is relatively expensive, and they cause much more waste than a block filter that can do much more.


What is special about Carbonit activated carbon block filters?

For a detailed article on carbonit water filters, please read our blog post CARBONIT - Water filter of world-class level.


Water filter - sintered or extruded, what's better?

Sintered filters have longer life and better filter performance. Qualitatively they are therefore to be judged to be better.
Activated carbon filters we only offer from the company Carbonit.

Good to know: Extruded activated carbon filters are cheaper to buy, because their production is cheaper. These are often imports without evidence of their actual filtration performance. In the manufacturing process, the activated carbon and an adhesive are firmly bonded together. This has the consequence that the filtration performance decreases sharply after a short period of use and also suffers the ability to bind pollutants such as heavy metals or pesticides suffers.

Sintered filters are produced according to a unique and internationally patented process. Again, an adhesive is used to get the activated carbon in a largely stable unit. During the sintering process, however, only the individual particles of activated carbon are connected to one another. There is no glued together unit but an open composite. 


Are there water filter recommendations for outdoor use?

Yes, there are some water filters that you can recommend for outdoor use. One of the most innovative filters on the market is the Grayl Ultralight Purifier. It can be used wherever there is a natural supply of water due to its ease of use and outstanding filter properties. Whether brook, river, lake, puddle or rainwater, as long as fresh water is available, you can produce harmless and tasty water in a jiffy yourself.


For what purposes is the Grayl Ultralight Purifier intended?

Whether for hikers, mountain bikers, prepper, ikers or trekking, you no longer have to carry around any water supplies, if there is a natural supply of water. The fun factor is correspondingly high, if you can quench your thirst from the stream and just refresh the water reserves.

Even for the normal tourist, who goes to countries where the tap water can be questionable, this innovative water filter is ideal. It is lightweight, small and can be used immediately without any additional effort (tools, etc.).


Is the Grayl Ultralight water filter also usable in crisis areas?

Of course, the Grayl Ultralight is predestined for soldiers, survival specialists, Bushcrafter and Prepper. Especially in crisis areas where clean water is not available, this water filter is ideally suited to protect against diseases and poisoning by bad water. For these reasons, we recommend that every household purchase such a water filter in order to be completely independent of public water utilities if necessary. Since the filter can be stored in the unused state for years without loss of performance, this is a worthwhile investment for your safety.

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