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Questions and answers on the topic: Basic knowledge of drinking water

Why should I filter my drinking water?

Water suppliers in Germany must comply with the Drinking Water Ordinance. However, there are currently limits on only 54 biological and chemical parameters. Pesticides in groundwater, nitrate, drug residues, X-ray contrast agents or nanoparticles (for example from cosmetics) pose almost insoluble problems for water suppliers and are all substances for which there are no limits.
According to the Association of Municipal Enterprises (VKU), a survey has found that 84 percent of water companies think that the increased input of trace substances (chemical substances that occur in very small amounts) affects water quality and ecosystems. Here are mainly trace substances from drugs (93.7 percent) and from plant protection products (87.4 percent) to call. The operation of a municipal, fourth cleaning stage, which would further clean the water, but usually fails at the immense cost. That's why drinking water should be filtered again at home.

How much water do you actually use?

The water consumption in Germany is currently about 125 liters per person per day. That means an annual consumption per person of about 45,000 liters of water.

To what uses is the daily water consumption (per person) distributed?

  • 3 l for drinking and cooking
  • 7 l to wash the dishes
  • 7 l for cleaning
  • 5-15 l for body care
  • 20-40 l for showers (bath not included)
  • 30 l for washing the clothes
  • 40 l for toilet flushing

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