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Water softener SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect for soft water

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  • Soft water throughout the home with the LEX Plus 10 Connect water softener from SYR. Color touch display for extremely easy operation. One of the first smart soft water systems on the market. Perfectly suited for all owners of a DRUFI water filter system. Easy to monitor and control via LAN or WLAN, via free SYR App. The decalcification system is DVGW certified & Made in Germany. This system has no sandwich connection of the blending valve, for the optional connection of a DRUF+DFR house inlet filter with pressure reducer.

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    The SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect is intended as a "stand alone" solution for those who do not intend... more
    Product information "Water softener SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect for soft water"

    The SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect is intended as a "stand alone" solution for those who do not intend to sandwich a DRUFI DFR house entrance filter in front of the system. It is not suitable for installation between the universal flange and the Drufi + DFR, but in contrast to the Connect S version, it has a nicely covered blending valve with the same function. The intelligent automatic system of the SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect ensures that no salt is wasted due to the low salting and that regeneration only takes place when it is necessary. The entire system is automatically disinfected every time. For more convenient maintenance or longer periods of absence (e.g. vacation), the water softener can be bridged without interruption if necessary. The system is ideal for single-family houses up to 6 people.

    With the system, there is a potential savings of several hundred euros per year for a single family household. You save cleaning agents, detergents, shower gel, hair shampoo, descaler for household appliances and additional maintenance costs for electrical devices and installations in your household. Lime builds up in pipes or household appliances as stubborn limestone. Over time, this can lead to constrictions in the water pipes, burned-out heating coils in washing machines and dishwashers, defective instantaneous water heaters or leaking boilers. In addition, there is no need to spend hours cleaning calcified shower walls, shower cubicles, bathtubs, toilets and sinks.

    The operating concept of the system with its colored, self-explanatory touch display is outstanding. The highlight, however, is the digital control option of the system with the SYR Connect APP (available free of charge in the APP Store and on Google Play), which receives updates again and again. So you always know what's going on with your system and can also control your water consumption via the system.

    Your water feels noticeably softer. Coffee, tea and food simply taste better because the water is softened!

    The advantages of the SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect

    DVGW certified *
    • Approval for rental and commercial use
    • Very low environmentally friendly salt consumption per regeneration
    • Installation with torsion-free flexible reinforced hoses in the plug-in system
    • Consumption-dependent, water-saving regeneration
    • large softening column
    • automatic disinfection
    • Small space requirement due to compact design
    • Easiest operation thanks to colored touch screen display
    • Control and operation via SYR Connect APP
    • Illuminated salt container for easy, quick visual inspection
    • high throughput
    • Cost-minimizing, robust single-column system
    • Made in Germany
    • Nationwide factory customer service or maintenance by trained specialist company
    • protects against calcium infarction in pipes and devices
    • saves energy
    • automatic control

    Components and execution

    The functional parts of the system are made of the highest quality plastic. The housing parts are made of impact-resistant thermoplastic, the rubber parts are made of age-resistant, hard-wearing elastomers. A low-lead, dezincification-resistant brass alloy and stainless steel are used for all other functional parts. The materials used correspond to the recognized rules of technology. The plastic parts and elastomers that come into contact with water correspond to the KTW guideline of the Federal Environment Agency.


    Installation is carried out by your installer. Commissioning is designed to be extremely simple. A bypass and blending valve, as well as hoses and an overall hardness test set are included in the scope of delivery.

    Installation location

    The softening system is installed centrally behind the water meter system. In order to avoid malfunctions, the water softener is effectively protected by connecting a drinking water filter (e.g. Drufi system). A pressure reducer must be connected upstream from a pressure of 5 bar. The water to be softened must be clear, free of solid impurities and free of iron and manganese (values ??within the scope of the TWVO).

    Installation, maintenance & commissioning

    Since the water softener works automatically, salt only needs to be topped up regularly. According to DIN EN 806, Part 5, maintenance must be carried out at least once a year, and maintenance for communal systems every six months. A maintenance contract by the specialist trades permanently ensures the safe operating function. We would be happy to explain more to you in a consultation.

    Some tips from our side: Please clean the salt container from incrustations at regular intervals and only use high-quality salt. According to the Drinking Water Ordinance, regeneration salt in Germany must meet the purity requirements of: DIN EN 973 Table 1 / Type A / Table 3. These are the most common causes of errors in water softening systems and are easy to avoid. This will prevent unnecessary, not inconsiderable costs incurred by an installer or the factory customer service can arise!

    Warranty and guarantee

    If DIN EN 806, Part 5 is observed and installation is carried out by a specialist plumbing company, the guarantee and warranty on the system is 24 months. If you conclude a maintenance contract, the warranty can be extended to up to 5 years (since the manufacturer is a member of the zvshk and is listed there as a trade mark). You can find more about this on page 21 of the manual in the download area (see below).

    Scope of delivery

    1x cabinet with salt container, 1x blending valve with flange connection, 4x screws M6 x 70, 4x safety clamps for connection hoses, 2x connection hoses (length 700mm), 1x rinsing water hose 2m (12x16mm), 3x hose clamp, 1x tension clamp, 1x power plug, 1x drain funnel, 1x hardness measuring set

    Note: The article is delivered by a forwarding agent to avoid transport damage.

    * The DVGW - German Association for Gas and Water - stands for technical self-administration in the gas and water sector. Its technical regulations are the basis for safety and reliability in the German gas and water supply. DVGW certification is reliable evidence of compliance with the recognized rules of technology. The SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect S water softener has been DVGW certified. Not many devices have this certificate, and the SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect S is even approved for rental or commercial use.

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    Technical details "Water softener SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect for soft water"
    Operating pressure: min. 2 bar - max. 8 bar Nominal pressure: max. 10 bar Operating temperature:... more
    Technical details "Water softener SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect for soft water"

    Operating pressure: min. 2 bar - max. 8 bar
    Nominal pressure: max. 10 bar
    Operating temperature: max. 30 ° C
    Installation position: vertical
    Medium: suitable for drinking water
    Flow rate: 2.1 m³ / h
    Stock salt container: 25 kg
    Resin quantity: 7.5 liters
    Nominal capacity: 22 m³ x ° dH
    Salt consumption per regeneration: approx. 0.95kg
    Electrical connection: 230 V / 50 Hz / 6 W
    Device connection: 12V / 50Hz

    Pack size approx .: H 75cm x W 40 cm x D 62cm

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