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Trinkwasser & Brunnenwasser Entkalkungsanlage / Enthärtungsanlage in einem Kabinettgehäuse mit englischer Menüführung & Steuerkopf aus dem Hause Clack. Der Steuerkopf ist werkzeuglos zerlegbar und kann von jedem Hausbesitzer selbst gewartet werden. Er stellt das Nonplusultra im Bereich der Steuerköpfe dar und ist jetzt bei uns mit englischer Menüführung und monochromen Display erhältlich. Die Konzeption sowie die Montage der Anlagen werden hier in Deutschland durchgeführt.

Product information "Kopie von WatPass® Kalk 3200 - EN"

Drinking water softening system in a cabinet housing with English menu navigation, monochrome display for faster recognition of operating conditions & control head from Clack.

The WatPass® water softening systems are a real innovation. They work according to the ion exchange method. This procedure is the establishment test for water softening.

Our systems are available in 2 variants:

1. Standard salting for normal households

Best sensory result and adequate softening for the entire household. The WatPass® lime is particularly energy-saving! By salting the regenerating salt is used optimally. If you are using the system for technical applications, please note the following values ??when cutting. A perfect wash result for glasses is available at values ??of <150 µS / cm and for cutlery, the system should be set to <80 µS / cm.

Your Advantages:

• no calcified heating rods & spray nozzles
• better energy utilization of the devices

2. Swiss version

For operation in Switzerland, the SVGW regulation must be observed. Therefore, the systems for Switzerland are supplied with nylon protective sock and silver resin. Otherwise, the system is designed as the standard Version!

Nylon protective stocking / fine salt:
Normally, softening plants in Switzerland are used with fine salt instead of salt tablets. Water softening systems that we deliver to Switzerland are therefore equipped by us with a nylon protective stocking so that you can operate the softening systems with fine salt. As a result, a blocking of the salt in the system is excluded.

Silver resin content (min 2%):
The ion exchange resin must contain a minimum of 2% silver resin.

Regeneration with ion exchange resin - how does it work?

When hard water is passed over the resin, the calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2 + / Mg2 +) present in the water are exchanged for the sodium ions (Na +) present on the resin. The resin we use has a lifespan of over 20 years.

Your advantages

Softer water protects your installations, the heating system, washing machines and small appliances such as kettles and coffee machines. The limescale deposits on your shower enclosure, washbasins, toilets, etc. are greatly reduced. You can save significant amounts of detergent, soaps and shampoo and the water just tastes better. Especially tea lovers, coffee drinkers and ambitious home cooks will appreciate the result of softened water. Anyone who has used a water softening system would never want to do without it again.

When does it make sense to use a water softening system?

The DIN 1988-200 recommends in Table 6 above a hardness of 2.5 mol / m³ (14 ° dH) for drinking water cold hardness stabilization or softening. The water is not fully softened for drinking water purposes, but by means of the mounting block to a water hardness of about 6-7 ° dH, if technically possible, blended. If the water is even softer, it can become corrosive and thus pose a problem for the installations. Moreover, it does not taste that good either.

Construction of water softening systems WatPass®

A cabinet housing with removable lid, in which a GFK pressure bottle (filled with ion exchange resin) sits, form the basis for the extremely low-maintenance Clack control valve with monochrome display and englisch operation. The system is of course volume controlled. The innovative valve can be disassembled and maintained completely without tools.

Regeneration - what is it?

If the pre-set volume of soft water flow is reached, regeneration of the resin will be triggered at 2:00 am. A reserve capacity is programmed by us as a safety factor in the unit, so that lime-free water is available after the pre-set water capacity has been reached, until regeneration. During regeneration, the water softener automatically routes saline (sodium chloride) through the ion-exchange resin. In this process, the resin is again afflicted with sodium ions (Na +). The calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2 + / Mg2 +) are derived with the saline solution via a separate drain port. Now the resin is ready to re-soften your drinking water. During regeneration, the WatPass® 320 delivers untreated tap water, so that the water supply is given. In case of inactivity of the plant (eg vacation) a compulsory regeneration is triggered every 10 days to prevent the germination of the resin bed.

How long does a filling of salt last?

Depending on the water hardness and your water consumption, a filling is enough for about 3-4 months, then new salt must be refilled. The integrated safety float valve protects you from overflowing water.

System size and technical information

For households up to: 1-3 persons

Water softening system WatPass® Kalk 3200 with volume control

  • Control valve: Clack WS 1 Cl with monochrome display and German menu navigation (quantity-controlled)
  • Capacity at 10 ° dH .: 3,200 ltr.
  • Capacity at 15 ° dH .: 2,130 ltr.
  • Capacity at 20 ° dH .: 1,600 ltr.
  • Pressure Tank Type: 8x17
  • Resin content: 8 liters
  • Salt consumption per regeneration: approx. 1.28 KG
  • Regeneration duration: approx. 60 min
  • Salt stock .: 40 KG
  • Block dimension (HxWxD): 670 x 320 x 500 mm
  • Weight: 13 Kg

The WatPass® Kalk 320 water softening system consists of:

A cabinet housing for a salt supply. A volume-controlled central control valve type Clack WS 1 CI, with English menu navigation and monochrome display. Integrated in the system, a GRP pressure bottle filled with high quality ion exchange resin.

Installation conditions for all plant sizes:

  •     Drinking or raw water connection
  •     Socket 230 V / 50 Hz
  •     Waste water connection
  •     Pressure reducer at> 6 bar
  •     Domestic water filter at the entrance
  •     Connection thread: 1 inch
  •     frost-free installation site

If you need a plumber, we can arrange for you a specialized specialist company for the area of Central Germany, where you usually get an appointment within 2-4 weeks. The costs are performance-related and are negotiated by you directly with the executive specialist. Details on the installation situation will be clarified in advance. We receive no commission for the mediation! Please contact us if this service is interesting for you.

For the installations according to DVGW guidelines, a DVGW certified pipe separator is available on request (not required for own well).

The plant is delivered by freight carrier. Please tell us when ordering necessarily a phone number under which you can be reached on delivery.




Technische Details - Kopie von WatPass® Kalk 3200 - EN
  • Control valve: Clack WS 1 with monochrome display and englisch menu navigation (quantity-controlled)
  • Capacity at 10 ° dH .: 3,200 ltr.
  • Capacity at 15 ° dH .: 2,130 ltr.
  • Capacity at 20 ° dH .: 1,600 ltr.
  • Pressure Tank Type: 8x17
  • Resin content: 8 liters
  • Salt consumption per regeneration: approx. 1.60 KG
  • Regeneration duration: approx. 60 min
  • Salt stock .: 40 KG
  • Block dimension (HxWxD): 670 x 320 x 500 mm
  • Weight: 13 Kg
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