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About us

Water is the most important element on earth and incredibly fascinating! Therefore, it was and is obvious to us that we pay close attention to this unique, essential element.

Working with and for nature was and is part of our professional endeavor, and water was always one of them. We have acquired our "water know-how" over decades and gladly make it available to you.

Because water quality depends on both the water supplier, the line network, and your private home installations, you need to act on your own responsibility when pure water is important to you.

 We want to be your partner, if you need assistance in choosing and deciding how to get in your home clean, excellent tasting and pure drinking water. No matter what kind of pollution your water has at the moment, we will gladly advise you, so that we can find the optimal method of water treatment that suits you and your water.

 For all water filters and filtration options, we always focus on the quality of the solutions, because we want you to have a long and above all excellent use of your chosen type of water filtration system.

We offer only the highest quality techniques and products that are as far as possible "Made in Germany".

 We are very happy if we are allowed to count you as our customer.

 Best regards,

 Your team from the Water Filter Center