Always clean water on your outside trip

Calcification due to hard water...

...requires effort, costs money, and impairs the taste of water!

  • harms household appliances
  • damages hot water pipes and boilers
  • makes cleaning more difficult
  • requires more laundry and cleaning detergents
  • results in higher energy consumption
  • impairs the taste of hot beverages
  • makes faucets appear dirty, and more...

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Countertop filter AquaAvanti Double, VA outlet with Carbonit Filter EM Premium 5 Entkalkung & EM Premium 5
Filter combination: Entkalkung & EM Premium 5

Variants from €167.90*
Carbonit® QUADRO 60/120 L/R activated carbon domestic water filter system 120 R
Carbonit Quadro: Quadro 120 R

Variants from €1,368.00*

Under-Sink Water Filters by Carbonit & Prime Inventions

(Vario HP Kitchen, Vario HP Universal, and other models)

With under-sink water filters from Carbonit (Vario HP Kitchen, Vario HP Universal, etc.), you can enjoy pure, fresh, and delicious water. The Carbonit system is particularly robust and has proven itself over many years. With these filters, you can effectively remove pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, hormones, heavy metals, bacteria, and microplastics from the water.

Replacement cartridges for all water filter devices

Filter cartridges from Carbonit, Prime Inventions (manufacturer Carbonit), PENTEK as well as high-quality standard filters for house and well filter systems

Water treatment and water filtration for pure and soft water 

The Water Filter Center is your online shop for water filters, filter cartridges, the lime treatment of water, special water softening systems, reverse osmosis systems, house water filter systems and well filter systems

We only use high quality brand name products from manufacturers such as Carbonit, Prime Inventions, Pentek and Grayl for safe and pure water through best filtration and treatment technologies.
In addition to the well-known table-top and under-counter water filters, we also offer an innovative and hygienic quick-change system for the kitchen with the inline filter system. Our house and well water filter systems work individually combinable with up to four different filter stages (sediments, lime, iron & manganese, pollutant and germ filtration) or as single-stage complete domestic water filter system.
Reverse osmosis systems and water softening systems are just as much a part of our offer as lime-reducing filters for the kitchen and products for chemical-free lime treatment

Any questions? Our individual and expert advice will help you to select the right product for your needs. Through our services we become your partner for clean, soft and tasty drinking water.

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