"EM IFP Premium 5" AA Inline main filter stage

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  • Hersteller dieses Wasserfiltersystems sind die Firmen Prime Inventions und Carbonit in einer exklusiven Kooperation. Produziert wird in Deutschland. Insbesondere einsetzbar bei niedrigem Leitungsdruck als Hauptfilter der Aqua Avanti Inline-Serie mit Schnellwechselgehäusen und original CARBONIT-Filter.

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    Water filtering and flavor enhancement of the water combined in a water filter. Particularly... mere
    Produktinformation ""EM IFP Premium 5" AA Inline main filter stage"

    Water filtering and flavor enhancement of the water combined in a water filter. Particularly suitable for low line pressure as the main filter of the Aqua Avanti inline series with quick-change housings and original CARBONIT filter.
    This main filter stage is the basic system that can be used as the sole filter system. In addition, it is the basis for one or two extension levels.

    Description of the Aqua Avanti Inline system:
    Forget about dismantling and screwing on filter housings for filter replacement. With the AA inline filter system you can change the filter cartridges in seconds. Simply remove the filter cartridge by turning it to the left and, conversely, insert a new filter cartridge. Finished. You do not need a case key anymore. Since you do not come in contact with the interior of the filter cartridge, the exchange is very hygienic.

    Connections: Standard connection kit (included): The enclosed tap adapter has a 3/8 "standard thread and thus fits to offered faucets. An adaptation to other threads z. B. UNS 7 / 16-24 is optional.
    For easy connection to the corner tap under the sink, a high-quality European connection adapter JG ASV-7 is supplied with each main filter stage.

    As an alternative to the enclosed connection set, you can select the "AA Inline installation set " (must be purchased separately) in the Accessories & Spare Parts category. This facilitates the laying and connection of the hoses in difficult installation situations under the sink. It consists of: 2x plug connector PP221212W, 2x angled plug PP0312W, adhesive dots for screwing on, hose 1,5m.

    EM IFP Premium 5 Inline

    This filter cartridge was manufactured by CARBONIT® based on NFP Premium exclusively for Prime Inventions. Due to the mechanical filter fineness of <0.45 µm, it has a high chemical-physical adsorption performance against chemical substances.

    CARBONIT® filter cartridges combine water filtration and improved taste of the water. For the production, a special EM ceramic is added to the activated carbon filter in the process of sintering. Among other things, this ceramic reduces the surface tension of the water and reduces the size of the cluster structures. Thus, the taste of the water is described by most people as softer or rounder.

    The filter cartridges type IFP are ideal for the retention of possible pollutants in drinking water systems. Pollutants of anthropogenic origin, which could accumulate in the organism, are reliably removed and stored. The IFP activated carbon filter block has a commercially available, thin wall for liquid treatment at low line pressure.

    Use: The filter cartridge must be changed after six months. In principle, up to 5,000 liters of water may be filtered during this time. An earlier change may, however, be necessary if the water flow is noticeably reduced. This is usually an indication of increased occurrence of fine particles in unfiltered water. The water flow is now about 4 liters / min.

    Use only with cold water, protect against frost.

    Weight: 770 g

    Einsatzdauer max.: 6 Monate
    Durchfluss: max. 4 l/min
    Filterfeinheit: 0.45
    Filtrationskapazität max. l (DIN 1988): 5000
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    Height with filter head: approx. 33 cm Width filter head: approx. 10 cm (with 90 °... mere
    Technical details ""EM IFP Premium 5" AA Inline main filter stage"

    Height with filter head: approx. 33 cm
    Width filter head: approx. 10 cm (with 90 ° connections approx. 16 cm)
    Width filter: approx. 9 cm
    Length of tubes: 80cm

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