Decalcification Inline main stage filter

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Descalcification (ion exchanger carbon hardness) as the main filter of the Aqua Avanti Inline... mere
Produktinformation "Decalcification Inline main stage filter"

Descalcification (ion exchanger carbon hardness) as the main filter of the Aqua Avanti Inline series with quick-change housings.

This main filter stage is the basic system that can be used as the sole filter system. In addition, it is the basis for one or two extension levels.

Description of the Aqua Avanti Inline system

Forget about dismantling and screwing on filter housings for filter replacement. With the AA inline filter system you can change the filter cartridges in seconds. Simply remove the filter cartridge by turning it to the left and, conversely, insert a new filter cartridge. Finished. You do not need a case key anymore. Since you do not come in contact with the interior of the filter cartridge, the exchange is very hygienic.

Connections: Standard connection kit (included): The enclosed tap adapter has a 3/8 "standard thread and thus fits to offered faucets. An adaptation to other threads e.g.  UNS 7 / 16-24 is optional.
For easy connection to the corner tap under the sink, a high-quality European connection adapter JG ASV-7 is supplied with each main filter stage.

As an alternative to the enclosed connection set, you can select the "AA Inline installation set " (must be purchased separately) in the Accessories & Spare Parts category. This facilitates the laying and connection of the hoses in difficult installation situations under the sink. It consists of: 2x plug connector PP221212W, 2x angled plug PP0312W, adhesive dots for screwing on, hose 1,5m.

Description of the filter

Decalcification Inline

The flowed through ion exchange resin reduces the hardness of the water. The decalcifying cartridge improves the taste of cold and hot drinks (especially to improve the aroma of coffee and tea) and protects household appliances against calcification.

Use: The water flow should not exceed about 2 l / min. so that a noticeable decalcification is guaranteed. The possible duration of use depends on the degree of hardness of the input water. Depending on the raw water hardness up to 1.900 l (hardness 5-10 dh) or 450 l (degree of hardness 11-25 dh) can be achieved as static quantity. The cartridge must be changed when the symptoms typical of the calf such as tea skin, aroma loss in tea / coffee or lime deposits on surfaces occur again. According to DIN 1988, a change is required after 6 months at the latest.

Use only with cold water. Protect from frost.

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