WatPass Reverse Osmosis plant EASY

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  • The WatPass® EASY reverse osmosis system is a noble, very easy to use under-sink system. Purest water quality for your home and that in seconds. The WatPass Easy impresses with its very high-quality design, which is paired with the highest functionality. It produces from your drinking water with at least 1.5 liters per minute, purest filtered drinking water - free from heavy metals, pesticides, drug residues, bacteria and viruses. The water is gentle to the taste.

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    The WatPass reverse osmosis system EASY is a noble, very compact osmosis system with which you... mere
    Produktinformation "WatPass Reverse Osmosis plant EASY"

    The WatPass reverse osmosis system EASY is a noble, very compact osmosis system with which you can produce the purest water quality for your home in seconds. The water treatment system impresses with its small housing and at the same time very high-quality design. It is perfect for your household and impresses above all with its innovative, easy operation. The WatPass reverse osmosis system EASY produces at least 1.5 liters per minute of the purest filtered drinking water from your drinking water - free of impurities and smooth in taste. The filter water/waste water ratio of 1:1 makes it extremely economical, as this is an outstanding value in the field of reverse osmosis systems.

    Since the system is connected directly to the drinking water line (direct flow system), you can enjoy fresh, clear and pure water in no time at all. The risk of contamination from a connected tank is completely eliminated with our product, the WatPass reverse osmosis system EASY.

    WatPass reverse osmosis system with an innovative filter system in one unit

    The five stages of the filter system are combined in one functional unit. As a result, changing the filter at all filter levels is child's play and takes less than 30 seconds!

    High quality membrane through nanotechnology

    The heart of an osmosis system is the elaborate filter technology and here in particular the membrane that works on the principle of reverse osmosis. Tap water is pressed into the osmosis system by high line pressure, where it is only freed from all larger particles, sediments and pollutants through pre-filters (PP cotton layers and activated carbon). The water is then pressed through a membrane, the holes of which are extremely small and therefore allow almost no substances to pass through, apart from pure water. The retained substances in front of the membrane are flushed out as waste water. The membrane of the WatPass was constructed in a perfect way through nanotechnology.

    Five-stage filter system of the WatPass reverse osmosis system EASY

    1. The first PP cotton layer filters out sediments, rust and suspended matter
    2. Activated carbon filters chlorine, organic compounds, taste and smell
    3. Second layer of PP cotton removes further mechanical critical particles
    4. Reverse osmosis membrane of 0.0001 µm filters heavy metals and organic substances such as pesticide residues, drug residues and much more
    5. Activated carbon post-filter for taste optimization

    Filter change EASY - and that in under 30 seconds!

    Conventional reverse osmosis systems do not always make changing the filter easy, because they usually contain several filter cartridges that can be more or less easily exchanged. The WatPass reverse osmosis system EASY impresses with its single cartridge system - the five-stage filter system is in one housing. Thanks to this innovative plug-in system, the filter change is done in a very short time and you don't even have to interrupt the water supply. The reason for this is that the water supply is automatically interrupted by the system when the filter cartridge is changed. Therefore you do not have to think about turning off the water supply yourself beforehand.

    Modern design in a compact size

    Thanks to the very small dimensions of the WatPass reverse osmosis system EASY, it can be easily installed almost anywhere. It can be easily installed without any special technical knowledge. The operating instructions with easy-to-understand illustrations - are clear, concise and describe every step that is required.

    The WatPass reverse osmosis system EASY is designed in elegant black and gray and you neither see a filter cartridge nor can it be seen that it could be an osmosis system. The magnetic front panel is also practical and looks chic. It's a shame that the system usually disappears under the sink.


    After the water treatment by the WatPass EASY, the water is so pure and clear that you can drink it naturally and it is also very suitable for the production of baby food. Relieving your body of harmful substances certainly makes sense, treat yourself and your health to something good. In the household, the filtered water is also ideal for ironing water and for cleaning glass surfaces. Limescale stains are history and you will never have problems with calcified kettles, faucets, windows or irons again.

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    Rated power: 85 Watt Electrical connection: 230V~ 50Hz Nominal flow rate: 1.5 liters/minute... mere
    Technical details "WatPass Reverse Osmosis plant EASY"

    Rated power: 85 Watt
    Electrical connection: 230V~ 50Hz
    Nominal flow rate: 1.5 liters/minute
    Filter water/permeate ratio: approx. 1:1
    RO membrane water flow pressure: 4,0 - 9,0 bar
    Total filtration capacity: 3,800 liters
    Raw water flow pressure: 1.0 - 6.0 bar
    Height housing: 30,4 cm
    Width housing: 15,2 cm
    Depth housing:40,6 cm
    Connections & hoses: 1/4" inch

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