Water filter AquaAvanti Mercuro stainless steel & vortex suitable

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The Ontop Mercuro waterfilter is a feast for the eyes in the kitchen - new model with pixilator... mere
Produktinformation "Water filter AquaAvanti Mercuro stainless steel & vortex suitable"

The Ontop Mercuro waterfilter is a feast for the eyes in the kitchen - new model with pixilator - optimized for the connection of water swirlers

The Mercuro was dispensed with plastic, as far as this is technically possible. Therefore, it is a clear recommendation for all people who are looking for a water filter that does its job for an extremely long time and that alone avoids plastic waste.

It could hardly be easier!

The supplied change-over valve is simply screwed to the tap and you can start with the tap of fresh, pure, filtered water. The valve makes it easy to choose between filter water and hot water.

In the Mercuro fit all current filter cartridges from the company Carbonit and Prime Inventions, such as NFP Premium, EM Premium 5, IFP Puro, EM Puro and so on. Special design elements are the high quality union nut and the stainless steel spout with pixilator. All water-bearing housing parts are made of high quality, according to the drinking water standard, made of stainless steel.


  •         solid stainless steel case
  •         Surface elaborately brushed (stainless steel typical)
  •         child-friendly filter cartridge change by easily rotatable union nut
  •         easy to clean and hygienic surfaces
  •         Outlet pipe made of stainless steel with spout which is also suitable for the connection of water swirlers
  •         high-quality silver-colored silicone hose
  •         good stability even with heavy water swirlers

The Mercuro Ontop waterfilter can be cleaned very well and hygienic with its stainless steel  outer- and inner surfaces.

Information about the water filter cartridge EM Premium 5 from CARBONIT®

CARBONIT® filter cartridges combine water filtration and improved taste of the water. For the production a special EM-ceramic is added to the activated carbon filter during the process of sintering. Among other things, this ceramic causes a reduction in the surface tension of the water and the reduction of the cluster structures. This describes the taste of the water as softer or rounder for most people.

Together with the proven filter performance of the CARBONIT® NFP Premium filter technology, the ideal water filtration results. Activated carbon has a large surface, which is used as an adsorbent in, among other things, in chemistry, medicine and water and wastewater treatment. It primarily removes unwanted colors, flavors and odors from gases, vapors and liquids. The sintered activated carbon block filter based on coconut focusses the chemical-physical removal of undesired ingredients in drinking water e.g. by the influences of the house installation.

Service life: The filter cartridge must be changed after 6 months (according to DIN 1988). Basically, within the 6 months 10,000 liters of water may be filtered. An earlier change may, however, be necessary if the water flow is noticeably reduced. An early change is not a defect of the filter used, but an indication of increased occurrence of fine particles in unfiltered water.

Scope of delivery: Stainless steel housing, silicone hose, change-over valve, cartridge replacement tool, filter cartridge EM Premium 5 from Carbonit

Note: Do not operate on "pressureless boilers". Due to the design of the available filter cartridges, only operate with cold water.

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