LifeSaver® JerryCan 20,000 replacement filter membrane

LifeSaver® JerryCan 20.000 Ersatzfilter Membran
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This powerful LifeSaver® replacement JerryCan filter fits only the Lifesaver JerryCan 20,000... mere
Produktinformation "LifeSaver® JerryCan 20,000 replacement filter membrane"

This powerful LifeSaver® replacement JerryCan filter fits only the Lifesaver JerryCan 20,000 water filter. It reliably filters cysts, bacteria and even viruses out of the water. For this reason, the filter is also ideal for crisis operations or if your water supplier has problems with germs in the water. You can then simply save the decoction of the drinking water! The filter technology used has been used by aid organizations and the military for many years.

Benefits of the LifeSaver® JerryCan 20,000 replacement filters

  •     BPA & BPS free
  •     complies with NSF protocol P248 for Military Operations Standard tested by US Military (MEDCOM)
  •     No batteries, chemicals, pump tips and other accessories needed
  •     filters at least: cysts (Log 3 (99.9%)), bacteria (Log 6 (99.9999%)) & viruses (Log 4 (99.99%))
  •     high throughput (up to 3.0 l / min)
  •     Filtering of up to 20,000 l ** of water with a membrane filter (bacteria, viruses & cysts)
  •     without volume measurement, waiting times or aftertaste such. B. in the use of chlorine or chlorine dioxide
  •     works completely self-sufficient without electricity, chemicals or UV light
  •     suitable for private households, families, individuals, mobile groups, aid organizations and communities
  •     ideal for outdoor activities as well as disaster and emergency situations
  •     great value for money

Efficiency filtration

The tests were performed on the basis of the complete microbiological performance requirements of NSF P248. It is good to know that Lifesaver has not only focused on the minimum of water filtration. The LifeSaver® JerryCan 20,000 water filter exceeds the EPA guidelines for microbiological water purifiers.

Failsafe ™ technology

The LifeSaver® JerryCan 20,000 has a mechanism that prevents you from getting inadequate filtered water from the filter. When the cartridge has reached the end of its life, the pores in the membranes are clogged with dirt and the filter will not let water through. The filter change announces itself by less and less water flows and the pumping becomes more and more laborious. As soon as no more water runs through the filter you have to change it. You can therefore always be sure that your water filter effectively filters out impurities from the water, and knows when the cartridge must be replaced or cleaned.

Important notes on use and storage

Unused, the filter cartridges can be stored for at least 3 years without concern. Already used cartridges can be stored according to the manufacturer's instructions for up to 3 years. If you want to play it safe, however, we recommend that you do not store a used cartouche for more than a year. Please do not let the filter cartridge dry out after first use! Caution - a wet or damp filter should never freeze.

Delivery contents: LifeSaver® JerryCan 20,000 replacement filter (for up to 20,000 liters of filtered water)

* Flow rate and filter performance depend on the composition, temperature and turbidity of the water being fed
*** Tested by US Military, released on 21.12.2018. Meets the full performance requirements of NSF P248 protocol

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