Grayl GeoPress Outdoor and Travel Water Filter - Camo Black

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This personal outdoor and travel water filter sets it apart from any other water filter on the... mere
Produktinformation "Grayl GeoPress Outdoor and Travel Water Filter - Camo Black"

This personal outdoor and travel water filter sets it apart from any other water filter on the market. Why? It is small and affordable and filters out particulate matter, protozoa, bacteria and even viruses. In addition, it also reduces most chemicals. There is currently no other filter on the market that does so much than the Grayl GeoPress. With this compact companion you can safely drink from almost any source of water. Therefore, the filter is also ideal for crisis operations or if your water supplier has problems with germs in the water. The easiest and most comfortable operation is ensured by the use of SoftPress ™ ergonomic comfort pads for non-slip and fatigue-free pressing. The material TopoGrip ™ non-slip TPE ensures a good grip and a long durability of the filter on all heavily used surfaces.

In our opinion, the Grayl GeoPress water filter is therefore easy in every household, because it saves money and waste and lets you travel sustainable. So you never have to buy mineral water for single use again.

Filling - pressing - drinking

The operation of the filter is very simple. The dirty water is poured into the "outer" bottle. Then the "inner" bottle is used, on the bottom of the filter cartridge is screwed. This bottle is then pressed down through the dirty water. Debris, chemicals and pathogens remain in the filter membrane and the inner bottle fills with clean water, which you can drink directly. With OnePress ™ Global Protection, travelers, adventurers and survivors can secure dodgy water sources and surface waters anywhere in the world.

  •     BPA-free
  •     No batteries, chemicals, pump tips and other accessories needed
  •     Effective against protozoa (99.9999%), bacteria (99.9999%), viruses (99.9999%), including rotavirus, hepatitis A, norovirus, giardiasis, cryptosporidium, E. coli, cholera, salmonella, dysentery and more
  •     Improves taste, smell and clarity of the water
  •     filters microplastic as well as many chemicals and heavy metals
  •     No sucking or squeezing the bottle necessary
  •     Technology: ion exchange, ultrapulverized activated carbon
  •     Easy filtering of up to 350 fillings (about 250 l)
  •     Flow rate up to 5l / min.
  •     Works optimally at pH values ??between 5 and 9.5 (in nature, there is hardly any water with a pH outside these limits.)
  •     Tested to NSF standards (National Sanitation Foundation, USA)

The new SimpleVent ™ Drink Cap has three functions:

  1.     vented during cleaning
  2.     protects against cross contamination and dirt
  3.     allows one-handed hydration through fast-flowing drinking spout

Note on storage - unused, the filter cartridges can be stored for 10 years if properly stored. If you want to be on the safe side, however, we recommend that you do not use a used cartouche for more than a year. Please always dry well before storing!

Important - a wet or damp filter should NEVER freeze.

Origin: Engineered in the USA
Filter housing Geopress: made in China
Filter cartridges GeoPress: made in USA

Einsatzdauer max.: 3 Jahre / 250 Liter für eine Filterkarusche
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