UV system PURE D 40 W for tanks & IBC up to 1000l

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Varenummer: 1997
Hersteller: UST
EAN: 4260728216381
UV Anlage zum Einbau in Behälter bis zu einer Größe von 1000 Liter. Ideal geignet für den Einsatz in 600l - 1000l IBC.
Produktinformation "UV system PURE D 40 W for tanks & IBC up to 1000l"

The UV water treatment system PURE D 40 W for tanks up to 1000l capacity, from the German manufacturer UST. The UV system is used to inactivate germs such as bacteria, viruses or to prevent the formation of algae.  It is a very efficient, easy-to-install solution for the use of immersion lamps in storage tanks. The newly developed immersion lamp holder enables a quick and easy installation of the PURE D 40 W. To do this, a hole with a diameter of 7-10cm is drilled in the tank lid and then the immersion lamp is fixed in it with the help of the new holder, ready. This effectively disinfects the tank and the water at the tap is germ-free. As long as there is water in the tank, the lamp can be operated, but it is also suitable for combination with solar panels as a power source: If the lamp is not operated during the night hours, the water should only be drunk after 30min of irradiation. The system is completely manufactured in Germany.

What is UV water treatment?
With UV or UVC irradiation, pathogenic bacteria or viruses can be inactivated. This means that they are no longer harmful to health! The treatment at a wavelength of 254nm guarantees a fast, effective and safe disinfection. This process is economical and has been used worldwide for many years. Through UV irradiation, water can be safely cleansed of germs without the use of chlorine. The process is absolutely harmless and, of course, the water tastes much better than water treated with chlorine.

Technical information
The disinfection performance is achieved with a very low power consumption of 40 watts. Please note that the water to be treated must be at least 95% clear (*SSK< 95%), so good pre-filtration is absolutely essential! You can find solutions for this here in our shop, please contact us if necessary. Thank you!

Replace the UV lamp every 12 months or max. 8000 hours. The lamp can be easily replaced by pulling it out.
Connections: For installation, a hole of 70-100 mm diameter is required in the center of the tank. The length of the quartz glass tube (holder for lamp) is 950 mm.

*SSK= spectral attenuation coefficient, i.e. the water must be at least 95% transparent, otherwise pre-filtration is necessary.



Technische Details - UV system PURE D 40 W for tanks & IBC up to 1000l

Electrical power: 40 W
Lamp: Mercury
Weight. 5kg
Temperature: 70 ° C max.

Electrical Connection
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50 | 60 Hz

Control Gear
Type of protection: IP 65
Voltage: 230V
Dimension (H x B): 200 mm x950 mm