WatPass N&H 10000

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  • With the WatPass N&H 10000 you can filter nitrate and soften water in one pass. This combination unit in a cabinet housing, with multilingual operation (DE, EN, ES, FR, PL) and color display, you will find so rarely. Sufficient for 4-7 persons. The plant is built in Germany.

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    Innovation - Nitrate filtering plant and water softening plant in a cabinet housing This... mere
    Produktinformation "WatPass N&H 10000"

    Innovation - Nitrate filtering plant and water softening plant in a cabinet housing

    This plant is a real innovation. The increasingly noticed and known problem of high nitrate levels in our drinking water, finds with this plant the ideal solution for areas where also the lime content of the water is too high. The treatment of these two tasks in one plant is still rare. We know of no other plant that can do this :-) If you only want to remove nitrate from the water, you can also do this with this plant. In this case, please let us know when ordering the WatPass N&H 10000.

    Removing nitrates from water is currently the greatest challenge in water treatment. Known solutions with filter cartridges or reverse osmosis systems are very complex and expensive due to the high follow-up costs. With the innovative WatPass N&H 10000 combination system you can free your well or house water from nitrates and reduce the hardness to a reasonable level in a very cost-effective way.

    The filter media in the system, 25 liters for softening and 10 liters for de-nitration, are automatically and regularly regenerated. Due to the voluminous salt tank, you will need to replace salt relatively rarely.

    Combination unit WatPass N&H 10000 consists of:

    A cabinet housing for a salt supply of max. 70kg. A quantity-controlled central control valve type Clack WS 1 CI IA, as well as an integrated fine cutting valve. Suction device and connection line to the central control valve. Integrated in the system, a GRP pressure bottle filled with high quality ion exchange resin.

    Installation conditions:
    -Drinking or raw water connection
    -Socket 230 V / 50 Hz
    -waste water connection
    -pressure reducer at > 6 bar
    -house water filter at the inlet
    -connection thread: 1 inch

    Performance data:

    For households up to: 4-7 pers.
    Capacity at 10°dH*: 10.000 L
    Capacity at 15°dH*: 6.660 L
    Capacity at 20°dH*: 5,000 L
    Nominal flow**: 3,0 m3/h
    nominal flow***: 1,0 m3/h
    max. raw water flow pressure: 6.0 bar
    min. Raw water flow pressure: 2.6 bar
    Pressure drop at max. flow: 0.6 bar

    Regeneration information:

    Salt consumption per regeneration: 7.0 kg
    Regeneration time: 60 min.

    For installations according to DVGW guidelines, a DVGW-certified pipe disconnector is available for purchase, if desired (not required for own well). The plant is also available with other capacities or to be operated as a pure nitrate removal plant. In case of need please contact us.

    The plant is delivered by forwarding agency. When ordering, please be sure to provide us with a telephone number where you can be reached upon delivery.

    * until the next regeneration
    ** according to DIN 19636 (20°dH to 8°dH)
    *** from 20°dH to 0,5°dH (40 BV/h)

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    Technical details "WatPass N&H 10000"
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  • Physical data cabinet housing: Cabinet height: 1,140 mm Cabinet width: 320 mm... mere
    Technical details "WatPass N&H 10000"

    Physical data cabinet housing:

    Cabinet height: 1,140 mm
    Cabinet width: 320 mm
    Cabinet depth: 500 mm
    Maximum salt supply: 70 kg

    Physical data GRP pressure bottle:

    GRP pressure bottle type: 10 inches x 35 inches
    Resin content: 22 liters of old softening granules
                            10 liters of denitration granulate
    Control head: Clack WS 1 CI IA
    Water connections: 1 inch AG
    Waste water connection: 12 mm

    Electrical properties and conditions:

    Power consumption: 3 watts
    Electrical connection: 230/50/24 V.
    max.water temperature: 30 ° C
    Weight of the entire system: 40 kg

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