AquaAvanti ManganeseGo manganese removal and iron removal in one

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The AquaAvanti ManganGo removes manganese and iron from your well water and thus reduces the... mere
Produktinformation "AquaAvanti ManganeseGo manganese removal and iron removal in one"

The AquaAvanti ManganGo removes manganese and iron from your well water and thus reduces the orange-brown color of the water. It also reduces often occurring, unpleasant hydrogen sulfide and turbidity of the water.

The system is almost maintenance free. It only needs to be refilled every 3-4 months of potassium permanganate to regenerate the catalyst granules in the additional container. Its performance* is outstanding, it can filter up to 4.8 mg / l of iron and up to 2 mg / l of manganese from the water. The installation is very easy. At free programmable time (about every 7 days), the concentrate is automatically disposed of through a spout.

The system consists of a GRP pressure bottle filled with high-quality catalyst granules and a potassium permanganate reservoir (KMnO4), which is needed to regenerate the filter material. A quantity-controlled central control valve, type Clack WS 1 CI, currently represents the ultimate in the field of control valves for such systems. An additionally obtainable assembly block (bypass) serves to bridge, but is not absolutely necessary for operation, but it is recommended.

Function of the special filter material

The plant can filter iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from your well water in one go. The filter material is coated with manganese dioxide and acts as a catalyst. The manganese and iron present are oxidized by the catalyst granules and can be filtered in the then present form. The substances held in the filter bed are then removed from the device during the backwashing process. The filter granulate is supplied for technical reasons in the non-regenerated form. Therefore, it must be activated with a potassium permanganate solution during commissioning.

The AquaAvanti ManganGo is specially equipped for us with a second granulate, which also ensures that any remaining turbidity from your well water to remove. This is rarely found in the form.

In order to be able to successfully filter manganese and iron, this is possible with the AA ManganGo even at a pH of at least 6.8. So in most cases, you do not have to install an additional pH enhancement device such as the AquaAvanti phGo.

Areas of application: Well water, garden irrigation, laundries, industrial water use, Koi and fish ponds and all areas where a high manganese and iron content in the water causes problems

Depending on the desired performance, or the quantity of well water to be treated, the AquaAvanti ManganGo is available in various versions. These can be found in the selection menu.

Depending on the spatial conditions and equipment requirements, we recommend that you consider the purchase of the following accessories:

Connection set 1 inch depending on system size

2x armored hose 1 inch ÜM x 1 inch ÜM, L = 1.000 mm; 1x drain hose, L = 2,000mm;
1x hose clamp 1/2 inch; 4x seals; 1x overflow hose, L = 2.000mm

Connection set 1 1/4 inch depending on system size

2x armored hose 1 1/4 inch ÜM x 1 1/4 inch ÜM, L = 1.000 mm; 1x drain hose,
L = 2,000mm; 1x hose clamp 1/2 inch; 1x overflow hose; L = 2.000mm; 4x seals

Mounting block 1 inch IG x 1 inch AG

with intersection, bypass function, sampling tap

Installation instructions for connection to public networks: If the ManganGo filter systems are to be used in the drinking water sector, they must comply with the "Rules for drinking water installations" according to DIN 1988 -200 in conjunction with DIN EN 1717: 2011-08. Then it is necessary to install a backflow preventer to protect the public drinking water network. Necessary installation conditions: Water connection socket 230 V / 50 Hz, waste water connection, pressure reducer at> 6 bar

Transport: The article is delivered to avoid transport damage by freight carrier.

* The indicated filter capacities are max. achievable values ??under exactly analyzed conditions. A water analysis and determination of what the water should be used for is a basic requirement for good advice and the selection of the right filter system. Well water can be subject to variations in composition due to various environmental factors. Therefore, a regular analysis should take place to be able to adapt the filter devices by, for. B. the regeneration cycle is changed.

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