Safe T connect from SYR - leak protection

Safe T connect from SYR - leak protection
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  • Leak protection for the central domestic water connection from SYR.

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    Effective leak protection with a clever internet application: The Safe-T Connect protects... mere
    Produktinformation "Safe T connect from SYR - leak protection"

    Effective leak protection with a clever internet application: The Safe-T Connect protects against leaks, minimizes water damage and prevents water waste. It monitors water consumption with the latest electronics and sends the data to the SYR Connect server. If the individual consumption values ??are exceeded, the Safe-T Connect locks the line system and sends an SMS or email. With the free SYR app, the Safe-T Connect can be viewed and controlled via smartphone / tablet. Batteries, power supply unit, floor sensor and sealing cap are included in the scope of delivery. Make sure to order the SYR connection flange!

    Why should I install such a system?

    Over 3,000 tap water damage occurs in Germany - every day! The intelligent, internet-enabled SYR leak protection Safe-T Connect offers reliable protection against the expensive consequences of water damage and - linked as an ISI Home Connect system - also offers the option of additional protection for a garden pipe or a wellness area, for example.

    This is how safe leakage protection works with the Safe-T Connect

    The SYR Safe-T Connect uses the latest electronics to monitor the current water consumption every second and compares the measured values ??with a setpoint. If the individually programmed consumption values ??are exceeded, it immediately blocks the line system. If the Safe-T Connect is online, it will notify you by email. The SafeFloor Connect wireless floor sensor can also be used and linked to the Safe-T at particularly monitoring-intensive locations.

    Convenient features for operation and perfect control - the SYR app

    If a project has been created on the SYR Connect Server, the user has a full overview of the installation and access to important parameters. Using a smartphone, tablet or PC, he can set leak protection levels, operate the presence or absence function, manage the absence calendar and control linked SafeFloor Connect wireless floor sensors.

    Perfectly combinable - Safe-T and DRUFI

    The Safe-T Connect is installed on the SYR universal flange. It is therefore very practical if the SYR DRUFI drinking water filter is already available: The Safe-T Connect can then simply be retrofitted without having to change the installation.

    The advantages at a glance

    • reliably protects against water damage and wastage
    • Can be controlled with the SYR app via smartphone and tablet or via PC via the Internet
    • Perfect combination with the SYR DRUFI: the Safe-T fits between the DRUFI and the flange
    • Special absence function for tightened control
    • If a leak is suspected, report on smartphone or tablet
    • easy assembly with SYR connection flange

    Ask your insurance company, it can be worth it

    Many well-known insurers discount their premiums if leakage protection is installed. Just ask and save additional money.

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