AQUA AVANTI OSMO PROFILINE 100 from Prime Inventions

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  • AQUA AVANTI OSMO PROFILINE 100 with special ceramic from Prime Inventions. Ideal for industrial applications, doctors' surgeries, gastronomy, and greater demand for demineralised, soft water. Depending on the required daily amount of water, we offer you the system with water tanks of the right size for you.

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    AquaAvanti Umkerosmoseanlage Profiline 100 with special ceramic Four-stage reverse osmosis... mere
    Produktinformation "AQUA AVANTI OSMO PROFILINE 100 from Prime Inventions"

    AquaAvanti Umkerosmoseanlage Profiline 100 with special ceramic

    Four-stage reverse osmosis system based on the AA Osmo system for use in medical practices, restaurants and wherever you have an increased need for pure and demineralised, soft water. The AA Osmo 100 comes with 1 micron coal block pre-filter to protect the high-quality reverse osmosis module from free chlorine and other oxidants.

    We offer an excellent solution that represents a much more cost-effective solution compared to direct flow systems with this performance range. The plant is often used for the operation of steamers and industrial dishwashers (ring line) in the catering industry. It is also used successfully in medical practices. Last but not least, it is also ideally suited for industrial operations that require softened water for the production or operation of technical systems. The AquaAvanti Osmo 100 offers an excellent price-performance ratio in all areas of use, not least because it operates completely de-energized.

    The filling of the pressure accumulator is accelerated by the integrated electroless permeate pump. As a result, the AquaAvanti Osmo 100 Profiline saves up to 85% of water compared to other pressure tank systems. It has a working range of 3 - 6 bar and 2 - 36 ° C. A manual flush valve for optional flushing of the membrane is also included. The control by hydraulic shutdown with reclosing hysteresis work without power and thus absolutely energy efficient. The outstanding ratio of concentrate to ultrapure water of about 3: 1 allows a daily production of up to 245 liters of ultrapure water. If your water is very hard, we recommend a water softening system, such as the DVGW certified anal dolphin. As a result, under certain conditions, the ratio of water on wastewater to pure water can be optimized to 2: 1 or even to 1: 1.

    The tank volume will be adjusted according to your needs. The tanks are made of very high quality polyethylene with composite materials made extremely wear-resistant. Inside, there is a new generation of air cells, the water and air completely separate. Therefore, a Nachverkeimung in the tank is almost impossible. The elasticity of the air cell is up to 600%. The tanks are suitable for drinking water up to max. 50 ° C and almost maintenance free.

    What characterizes the Aqua Avanti reverse osmosis system?

    •     Production of the purest, highest quality, light (demineralized) and fresh drinking water through three filters, a membrane and the patented permeate pump
    •     Daily production up to 245l (tank volume optionally from 60l to 1000l available, these are in addition to purchase and are dimensioned after catchy consultation according to your requirements)
    •     Better and fresher taste of the water by incorporation of a special ceramic in the filter
    •     Only high quality components, developed and assembled in Germany

    How the Aqua Avanti Osmo 100 works

    Its tap water passes through the pre-filter stages and the hydraulic shut-off valve into the reverse osmosis module. The purified water penetrates the membrane. From the membrane, the purified water flows into the pumping chamber of the permeate pump. The system's waste water drives the pump, which delivers the purified water to the pressure tank. The permeate pump is a patented invention that improves the performance and efficiency of the plant. The pure water is ready for removal in the pressure tank. A hydraulic shut-off valve controls the water supply of the system. If you remove water from the system, the water flows out of the tank through the secondary filter before you can use it fresh. The system works without electricity, only with the energy of the water pressure.

    Flow chart Aqua Avanti Osmo

    (see picture gallery)


    Tap water may have a maximum of 2000 microsiemens. This corresponds to 1280 mg / l of dissolved substances. Reverse Osmosis works like a very fine sieve. This "sieve" filters ions in the molecular range. It also makes the control of effectiveness so easy. Since even single atoms such as dissolved heavy metals or small ions such as sodium and nitrate are reduced, the pure water of the "Aqua Avanti Osmo" reverse osmosis system has a very low conductivity. The conductivity of the water is below 80 microsiemens when the "Aqua Avanti Osmo" produces water in high purity.

    Advantages of the patented permeate pump

    •  Save money!
    •  No more problems with hard water
    •  Development and installation of the device in Germany with competent support!
    •  Version with sediment pre-filter and activated carbon pre-filter to protect the high-quality reverse osmosis membrane.
    •  Activated carbon post-filter for best taste
    •  No loss of efficiency compared to systems without permeate pump
    •  Faster production of water
    •  No electrical connection necessary
    •  No power consumption
    • The hydraulic energy of the water is used to separate the wastewater (concentrate) and to transport the filter water (permeate) into the storage tank.
    • Ratio 1: 3 (permeate to concentrate); for cheap plants up to 1: 15

    Membrane and Filter

    1. Pre-filter: Sediment filter 1 micron for pre-separation of fine particles, which have to be kept away from the membrane (change interval: every 6 - 12 months)
    2. Pre-filter: Carbon block filter to protect the membrane from chlorine and other oxidants (change interval: every 6 - 12 months)
    3. Membrane: Membrane 100 GPD with EM-ceramic. Pore ??size about 1/10000 micron, reduces dissolved substances (change interval: about every two to three years)
    4. After-treatment filter: Activated carbon filter with EM-ceramic to improve the taste and reduce volatile chemicals that could pass through the membrane (change interval: every 6 - 12 months)

    Color coding of the filters and membranes prevents confusion during filter replacement

    Red = pre-filter; yellow = activated carbon pre-filter; green = reverse osmosis module (Membrane); blue = activated charcoal filter


    •   through a permanent connection to the cold water pipe
    •   small space requirement for the plant, however, please note the tank size
    •   the usable tank volume corresponds to about two-thirds of the gross tank volume
    •   should be done by an installer

    Environmental conditions

         Inlet water temperature 2-36 ° degrees Celsius. The system should be operated with a pressure of at least 3 -6 bar. At less pressure, the filter performance decreases sharply, the quality suffers and you get hardly any water in the tank.

    Scope of delivery: Reverse osmosis system with membrane, filter cartridges. A tank is not included and must be purchased additionally (prices on request, as very variable)


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