Dosing pump KA-PLUS 1503 (self-venting)

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  • The KA-PLUS 1503 dosing pump (self-venting) is ideally suited for dosing liquid dosing agents into process or drinking water.

    • 2021
    • 4260728216800
    The dosing pump EMEC KA-PLUS 1503 is precise and easy to operate. Due to the integrated... mere
    Produktinformation "Dosing pump KA-PLUS 1503 (self-venting)"

    The dosing pump EMEC KA-PLUS 1503 is precise and easy to operate. Due to the integrated self-bleeding it is easy to handle!

    The solenoid diaphragm metering pump is perfectly suited for the use of admixed, precise metering results. It is the right choice if you need reliable and precise dosing of liquids such as acids, alkalis, precipitants and flocculants in process flows. The dosing medium is conveyed by suction strokes followed by pressure strokes and thus precisely dosed.

    The KA-Plus 1503 operates cost-effectively and reliably, and is extremely flexible in use. It is easy to operate and clearly laid out.  This makes it very low-maintenance. The dosing pump is compact, thus very space-saving and easy to integrate in any installation environment. It can be mounted on the wall in three different positions (upright, left- or right-oriented) without any additional accessories.

    Fields of application

    Stabilization of water that is in carbonic acid imbalance. Water stabilization of industrial plants.

    How does the dosing pump work?

    The microprocessor-controlled electronics of the solenoid diaphragm metering pump ensure efficiency and flexible pressure adjustment. The double ball valves used ensure extreme accuracy even at the smallest flow rates. Due to its operating principle, the metering pump is particularly suitable for proportional control depending on pulses. Since it operates without start-up delay or run-out inertia, it responds to each control pulse with a precisely defined metering quantity. The modular division (control unit, drive & dosing head) allows a tailor-made solution depending on the application.

    For easy understanding: if you set the pump to 100%, you have a dosing of 1 ml (dosing agent) per 1 liter of water flow.

    Included in delivery is:

    • 1x pump
    • 1x foot valve with shut-off
    • 1x dosing/inoculation valve
    • 1x suction hose
    • 1x pressure hose

    Conformity: The dosing pumps of the "KA-PLUS" series comply with the following EU standards: EN60335-1: 1995, EN55014, EN50081-1/2, EN50082-1/2, EN6055-2, EN60555,3. 2005/42/CE Directive on the use of the CE mark. 2004/108/CE Directive on electromagnetic compatibility of equipment. 2006/95/CE Low Voltage Directive.



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    Power supplies: 230 VAC (180-270 VAC) Flow rate: 3,5 l/h @ 1,5 bar Max. Suction height: 1.5... mere
    Technical details "Dosing pump KA-PLUS 1503 (self-venting)"

    Power supplies: 230 VAC (180-270 VAC)
    Flow rate: 3,5 l/h @ 1,5 bar
    Max. Suction height: 1.5 m
    Ambient temperature: 0 - 45 °C
    Temperature dosing medium: 0 - 50 °C
    Installation class: II
    Stroke frequency / strokes per minute: 0 - 180
    Noise class: 74 dBA
    Temperature transport and storage: -10 to 50°C (14 to 122 °F)
    IP - protection class: IP 65
    Switching capacity optional "alarm" relay: max. 2 A / 230 VAC, 0.5A / 24 VDC

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