Water leakage protection mini 3/8 "connections

Water leakage protection mini 3/8 "connections
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Mechanical leakage protection interrupts water supply to subsequent devices. Protect... mere
Produktinformation "Water leakage protection mini 3/8 "connections"

Mechanical leakage protection interrupts water supply to subsequent devices.

Protect yourself from leaks and possible water damage. The Mini LCM water leakage safety device works mechanically with a compressed tissue tablet, which expands strongly in the presence of moisture, closing the integrated valve. The water supply of the following devices is interrupted.

The valve is preferably mounted under the system to be secured and there glued or screwed to the ground. The insert (the tissue tablet) must be replaced after the LCM has been triggered by moisture. The inserts TB-2 are available in 2-packs. The Mini LCM is also available separately for use with reverse osmosis systems or other water filter housings.

Connection: 1/4 "RO hose

Supplied accessories: adhesive strips and two wood screws

The tissue tablet is already installed and the device is ready for use immediately upon delivery :-)

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