Assembly block 1 1/4 inch IG x 1 inch AG with intersection, bypass function, sampling tap

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Varenummer: 2004
Hersteller: WatPass
EAN: 4260728216602
Der Montageblock ist passend für die WatPass® Wasseraufbereitungsanlagen mit Anschlüssen in 1 1/2" Zoll. Natürlich passen auch Anlagen anderer Hersteller, wo immer ein Bypass benötigt wird, wie zum Beispiel Wasserenthärtungsanlagen.
Produktinformation "Assembly block 1 1/4 inch IG x 1 inch AG with intersection, bypass function, sampling tap"

The assembly block is suitable for the AquaAvanti IronGo iron filter and manganese filter AquaAvanti ManganGo or where a bypass is needed.

If there is limited space at the point of connection, the use of a mounting block is ideal. For safety reasons, it may be desirable to be able to bridge the device unit. For such cases, the mounting block (bypass) is ideal.

The installation of a mounting block usually takes about one hour. Your installer will surely make you an offer. If you are not sure if you need a mounting block just ask him.

The mounting block is working that way

Position 1

When the two outer taps are closed and the middle tap is open, the water flows past the connected device (eg AquaAvanti Iron GO or AquaAvanti ManganGo).

Position 2

If the two outer cocks are open and the middle closed, all the water flows through the connected devices.

Note: If it is necessary to bridge the units, simply return the mounting block to position 1.

Technische Details - Assembly block 1 1/4 inch IG x 1 inch AG with intersection, bypass function, sampling tap

Connections mounting block: inlet with internal thread 1 1/2 ", outlet with internal thread 1 1/2"
Softening system connections: inlet with internal thread 1 1/2", outlet with internal thread 1 1/2"
Distance between softening system connections: 86 mm
Length: 200 mm
Max height: 176 mm
Height H1: 134 mm
Fine adjustment valve: yes
Test valve: yes
Operating pressure max. : 10 bar
Operating temperature: 90 ° C
Housing material: brass according to the Drinking Water Ordinance based on DIN 50930, Part 6
Material blue handle: glass fiber reinforced plastic
Seal material: EPDM seal according to the requirements of DVGW worksheet W270

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