Limescale protection Kalko Innova for washing machines

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Chemical-free limescale protection for the washing machine The Kalko Innova bags consist of a... mere
Produktinformation "Limescale protection Kalko Innova for washing machines"

Chemical-free limescale protection for the washing machine

The Kalko Innova bags consist of a fine textile fabric. The internal granules are so easily flowed around by the water.

The benefits of Kalko Innova WS

  • Savings of softener (use without softener possible)
  • Savings of detergent (dosage only required for grade 1)
  • Reduces the gray haze on the laundry
  • Refreshes the colors of colored fabric
  • Also protects the technology of the machine and the heating elements from calcification
  • Tip: Use together with soap nuts in laundry bags


Information about the system "chemical-free limescale protection"

Kalko Innova uses ceramic granules with a specially coded surface to initiate the process of heterogeneous catalysis. A similar process can be observed in nature with shells and corals. The tap water flows around the Kalko Innova granules. On the granule surface, small seed crystals of a few ten-thousandths of a millimeter form automatically and within seconds.

These dissolve immediately to make room for more crystals. The floating in the water seed crystals are carried by the water in all lines and connected equipment. They catch the lime and thus no longer adhere to the treated water. The water is not changed in its chemical composition. A renovation of old installations and boilers is possible in a few months, as existing calcifications are slowly replaced and carried along in a gentle process.

Chemical-free limescale protection is a recognized biotechnology. Since 2009, the EU standard EN 1988-20 para. 12,7 (Technical Rules for Drinking Water Installations) that limescale protection devices with seed crystallization for drinking water installations are approved and state of the art. Methods based on seed crystallization meet the requirements of the "General Rules of Technology".


Advantages of the Kalko Innova system

  • Reduction of calcium deposits
  • Non-adherent calcification on dried surfaces
  • Degradation of old lime deposits in pipes and equipment
  • Construction of a protective layer in the pipes
  • Chemical-free and environmentally friendly application
  • The water remains chemically unchanged
  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Longer life of appliances, compared without limescale protection
  • Saving energy costs, compared without limescale protection

Notice: Shelf life approx. 3 months or approx. 50 washes

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