Waterfilter cartridge GFP Premium by CARBONIT®

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Due to the high performance spectrum with possible drinking water contamination (for example... mere
Produktinformation "Waterfilter cartridge GFP Premium by CARBONIT®"

Due to the high performance spectrum with possible drinking water contamination (for example lead an copper from older house lines) and the outstanding hygienic properties, we recommend using this high-quality filter cartridge. Due to the approximately 55 percent increase in activated carbon mass, it offers an approximately 20% higher adsorption rate than the standard cartridge NFP Premium of Carbonit and a 30% higher adsorption capacity.

Service life:
The filter cartridge must be replaced after 6 months (according to DIN 1988). Basically, within the 6 months 10,000 liters of water may be filtered. An earlier change may, however, be necessary if the water flow is noticeably reduced. An early change is not a defect of the filter used, but an indication of increased occurrence of fine particles in unfiltered water. 

This GFP Premium filter cartridge fits to all our table-top filter units the under-table filter units of the Vario HP of Carbonit. This cartridge is also compatible with all Alvito water filter systems.

Use only with cold water. Protect from frost.

Einsatzdauer max.: 6 Monate
Material: gesinterte Aktivkohle
Filtrationskapazität max. l (DIN 1988): 10000
Filterfeinheit: 0.45
Durchfluss: 2-3 l/min
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