Decalcifying Cartridge

Entkalkungskartusche kompatibel zu Carbonit®, Prime Inventions und Systeme anderer Hersteller
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  • Die Entkalkungskartusche entnimmt mittels eines Ionenaustauschers lästigen Kalk aus Ihrem Trinkwasser. Der Geschmack von Kalt- und Heißgetränken wird dadurch verbessert und lästiges Entkalken von Heiswasserkochern und Kaffemaschinen kann vermieden oder wenigstens verzögert werden. Die Kartusche passt in die Auftischfiltergeräte "Mercuro", Filtergeräte der"Aqua Avanti Serie" sowie die Untertisch-Filtergehäuse der Pure-Serie. Diese Patrone ist auch kompatibel zu allen Alvito Wasserfilter Systemen.

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    The decalcifying cartridge improves the taste of cold and hot drinks (especially to improve the... mere
    Produktinformation "Decalcifying Cartridge"

    The decalcifying cartridge improves the taste of cold and hot drinks (especially to improve the aroma of coffee and tea) and protects household appliances against calcification. The flowed through ion exchange resin, reduces the hardness of the water.
    The cartridge fits into the table top filter units "Mercuro" and "Jupitos" as well as the sub-filter housings of the “Vario HP” and “Pure"series. This cartridge is also compatible with all Alvito water filter systems.

    Use: The water flow should not exceed about 2 l / min., so that a noticeable decalcification is guaranteed. The possible duration of use depends on the degree of hardness of the input water. Depending on the raw water hardness up to 1.900 l (degree of hardness 5-10 dh) or 450 l (degree of hardness 11-25 dh) can be achieved as static quantity. The ion exchange resin in the cartridge can be replaced by yourself. The change is made when the symptoms typical of the calf such as tea skin, aroma loss in tea / coffee or lime deposits on surfaces occur again.

    According to DIN 1988, a change of granules is required after 6 months at the latest.

    Use only with cold water. Protect from frost.

    Einsatzdauer max.: 6 Monate
    Durchfluss: max. 2
    Filtrationskapazität max. l (DIN 1988): 1900
    Material: Gehäuse PP
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